Monday, April 05, 2010

So What If They're 24? I Can Mommy-Blog If I Want To

Brian's been back in Iraq for a month or so, and I'm still laughing at some of the antics that transpired while he was home. These boys have been hanging with my kid since they were in grade school.

(Just so you know, this sort of thing didn't start
until they were well out of grade school. As far as I know.)

I met Brian and Kyle at The Esquire on one of those windy, blizzardy evenings. Big decision: Country roads blowing shut vs. an evening with my kid & Co. before he goes back. Hmmm. Snow, schmo. I met them out with the stipulation that I was cutting out early.

We spent a couple hours eating and talking and laughing and discovering fascinating things about one another. For instance, Kyle and I can both do this —>:

Who knew?!

And Brian, after a few shots of something strong, enjoys surprising his photo-mates. We'd called our friend Mark out into the bitter weather. No doubt he's regretting his decision to join us now that I've posted this photo.

I was bundling up to leave them to their evening, when Brian started begging me to come out with them to do donuts in the snow. Uhhh...yeah....NO. Noooo thank you. I knew very well that if I had gotten into Kyle's car with those boys, there would have been more than donuts on the menu: I would have found myself airborn while they high-fived one another at how loud they'd just made me scream. Mark was brave enough to join them, though, so I bid them adieu.

Kyle's car is an old Toyota with about 40 million miles on it. It has the funniest horn sound *meep meep* that makes you laugh your head off. Earlier in the week, Brian had talked Kyle into doing a burnout with the Toy. Listen carefully to hear the horn once he burns that baby to the end of the street.

Hearing my kid laugh really makes me laugh.

So, that was The Donut Machine for the night that I bowed out, and from here on, this is probably going to be a "you had to be there" story, or at least, "it was funnier when Brian told it" post.

They headed out to a big parking lot, and began screaming around the light poles and medians, donuting as much as the little car could donut. Here's my graphic representation of the story as I heard it:

After spinning and screaming all over the parking lot, Brian noticed that there were 2 guys standing on the sidewalk, watching them the entire time. When he pointed it out to Kyle, he *meep-meeped* at them, and then sped on over to say hello. Brian rolled down his window on the approach, and asked "How do we look?!!"

Ok, you have to say this just right for it to be as funny as it as. Read it outloud, real cool and slow, like. Ready? [start reading outloud]
"Dat shit look goooood. Just like da fast and da furious."

Kyle screamed "Cool, Thanks!" *meep-meep*

And they sped off.

Are you laughing? Because we did; we repeated that line over and over about 700 times in the next week Brian was home. Brian even admitted to repeating it outloud to himself when he was home alone, and cracking himself up every time.

Ok, well, if I told it wrong, here's something that will REALLY make you laugh:

I present to you: Mr. Anthony Dobbins, doing his Christopher Walken imitation.

C'mon, I know that one got to you. God, these boys still make me laugh.


  1. Laughing, laughing, laughing. It works in translation. At least for me. You know what's missing, though? Pictures of Steve. Your kid's cute but I can't cougar him. >:)

  2. Anonymous2:24 PM

    LOL!!Thanks for the laughs :D

    Been sometime since I came here and am real glad that your boy is home! :)

    In case you missed the a mommy since 40 days ...I have a little princess now:)

  3. Yes, the doughnut story is a good one. I re-told it and my friend laughed. And I'll admit, I repeat "like da fast and da furious" to myself and make myself laugh too.

  4. There's nothing like having those private joke lines with people. I have those with almost everyone I know.

  5. Oh god, I laughed so hard I think I peed a little.


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