Sunday, July 14, 2013

Do Nothing Sunday

It's Sunday. After floating on the boat all day yesterday, then arriving home at nightfall to split a pizza and fall asleep, today I basked in doing nothing.

I was somehow awake at 7:30, and I read for an hour. 

It was nice to start the day doing nothing.

I fixed myself some coffee and a beautiful little breakfast.

Then I set about to tidy up the mess I'd left in the kitchen while packing for yesterday, and launder damp towels and swimming suits.

So great to have nothing to do today, so that the towels can be repacked right away.

It was a gorgeous day to dry clothes on the line, so while I was at it, I did 4 loads of laundry, and stripped beds, so that we can sleep on line-dried sheets. Man, I love sheets that smell like wind.

Ah, nothing to do but watch sheets blow in the wind.

I'm currently analyzing my finances and trying to save some big bucks, so I spent a couple hours doing nothing, printing budget sheets, pulling up bank accounts, and scrutinizing my own spending habits.

I needed this day to take time to reflect on the changes I want to make in my life.

I ran out to pick up some groceries, but I made it a quick trip, so I could get back home to relax.

It's nice to have time to get the shopping done, and be prepared for the upcoming week.

Early evening, I grabbed a glass of white wine, cranked up Johnny Cash radio on Pandora, and hauled the hose out to water the garden, and then the flower beds. I rolled the hoses up while I sang along to "Jackson."

Not a thing to do, but putter around the yard.

Since Clint is not home for dinner tonight, I fixed myself some whole wheat pasta tossed with pesto and parmesan, and swiss chard with fresh lemon juice and good olive oil.

Sweet to have enough downtime to prepare a beautiful meal just for myself.

At days' end, I sat myself down on the deck, put my feet up on the table, sipped another glass of wine, and watched fireflies, fawns, and hummingbirds. Here's a really bad photo of some cute little deer babies:

It's funny how a day of tidying, cleaning, shopping, cooking, budgeting, and yard work can seem like a luxury on some days. It has something to do with the lack of obligation. I had other choices on the table. I could have taken a day trip, or watched movies all day, or skipped out with a friend or three. Instead, I let the day take me where it did, and then there I was, at the end of it.

Sweet nothing.