Friday, September 24, 2010

A (Much Needed) Drive-By (Windshield) Hugging

Friday night. I'm tired, it's been a long week. I haven't had time to blog more Tales of the Homecoming, but The Kid(s) are still in Georgia, reintegrating to a peaceful society. Brian will be home in November, I would have had a heart attack if I'd have had to wait that long to see him home.

I am "deep cleaning" in the midst of the still-existing construction, trying to create a bit more order in the house, while Clint is helping a neighboring farmer with his harvesting, working from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. You know how it is when you decide to "clean house" have to "undo" the place first. There is general disarray.

Mom is "slipping" a bit more these days, yet still generally happy. The latest trend in her Alzheimer's progression is that her emotions are magnified, responses are stronger. Discomfort translates into agony. Did I say agony? I mean aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagonyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! I took her to the grocery store tonight and turned around to find her writhing in the aisle, clutching at her ribs. Irritated with her bra, she began to pull her t-shirt off to show me the problem. I stood in the aisle trying to "lovingly hiss" at her that that she could not pull her shirt up in the store.

After getting her settled, I arrived home this evening, on my own. Paperwork and bills to tend to, and what I don't work on tonight will just need done tomorrow. I ran to Walmart to get a few organizing bins for a corner in the house.

I returned to my car, tossed all of the baskets and bins in the back seat, put the cart in the return, and jumped into the drivers seat, only to feel immediately disoriented.

What in the he....?




How did I miss this?

A hug bandit!!! I stood suddenly laughing in the parking lot, looking around, and laughing more. Whuh? Was someone watching, or did they ditch and run? Either way, my cheeks hurt already from smiling. I have to admit the hug works, I feel giggly and light, this is the perfect end-of-the-week wrap-up. Or, beginning of the weekend.

What's a girl to do, then....

But to leave her own drive-by hugging, and hit the road.

I have had the perfect start to my weekend.


  1. I bet that sign just floated down from your guardian angel in the sky. It's always great when something unexpected makes you stop a hectic day for just a moment and shows you what life's really all about.

  2. That's awesome. At first, I thought it was a huge ticket! -Tien

  3. You deserve a multitude of free hugs. I'm so glad the "Welcome Home Kiddo!" trip worked out well for you. Now you can relax about your son knowing he is in our borders.

  4. I should do that same thing in the grocery store when my undies get bunched up...

    I'm not sure I'd get any free hugs, tho...


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