Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Impatiens Motivations: Drink Your Water

I've been making a haphazard attempt, lately, to take better care of myself. Not sure why it can seem more difficult on some days than on others, or why I have a tendency to fall by the wayside when I feel so high & mighty when I'm doin' it right and have results to show for it.

Anyway, while I'm getting up the umph to cut up vegetables, I do have a daily motivator that keeps me on track with my 8 glasses of water: My own flower bed. My impatiens, in particular, are little drama queens if a day gets by me that I forget to water them:

This photo (above) is the sorry state I found them after one of those 106-degree heat index days we had recently. Everyone in central Illinois felt kind of like this for about 2 weeks.

I apologized profusely, gave them a good long soaking, then returned later for another picture. This is the same plant, 30 minutes later:

I imagine water probably does the same thing for me as it does those flowers: makes me stand a little taller, plumps out the wilty lines and wrinkles, and, in general, makes me bloom a little brighter.

Now if I could just find a blossom that will motivate me to haul myself out of bed and go walking at 5 a.m. every morning, I'd be set.


  1. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Sweetheart,there ain't no flower in the world that can do that.

    For me at least.

  2. Ah, the ever-elusive "kick you in the ass" blossom... Explorers have searched for it for centuries. I hear it grows somewhere near the fountain of youth...


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