Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nature's Doilies

Autumn again, my favorite time of year. After a rainy yesterday, a dense fog rolled in last night, leaving the countryside covered in dew. As much as I dislike me a spider—and you know I do—I was enchanted to step outside this morning and find our property looking like it had been scattered with doilies.

A spider web, even covered in dew, is still delicate and transparent, and difficult to capture with a camera. I took about 60 photos this morning, and managed to salvage 15 or so with a little Photoshop tweaking. Most of the webs seemed to be deserted, and the rest—well, thank God for zoom lenses.


  1. Love those webs. You can find some nice ones in meter boxes too.

  2. I got about three spiders living around my front door, one by my back door.* I figure they are catching moths and mosquitoes so I leave them alone.

    *Not a euphemism.

  3. june in florida10:15 PM

    Dogbait will be proud of you Lori, he knows how fond you are of spiders.

  4. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Beautiful photos.

  5. Dogbait, you win. I knew what I was going to see, and still I looked, and still it gave me a heart attack. Also, I don't know how to do that "link to photo" thing, so you're more technologically savvy than I am too. I bow down to you. Don't ever do that to me again!

    Gamera, thank you for pointing out your lack of euphemism. It painted a very funny picture in my mind that would not have otherwise been there.

    June: Dogbait got me, go check out his pic. Gah. Brrr. No.

  6. Very pretty.. from a distance and from the safety of my computer screen. lol

  7. Gotta agree with Nicole....I tried years ago to photograph webs, very hard, and back then 35mm, well got kinda expensive real quick....ahh the advantages of digital!! Thanks for the great shots!

  8. I like spiders. I'm weird. (shut up).


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