Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Have My Own Night Cream!

I'm not sure why, or even how at this point, but some years ago I signed up for a thingy that notifies me if my name or text or blogs appears on "teh internets."It's been so long since I arranged it that I have no idea how I did it—I just know that I get an email now and again, telling me what some other Lori Stewart has done to make it to the world wide web.

Any sighting of Gnightgirl, however, is always me, and so I'll get a notification screaming that Gnightgirl just posted on The Sandwich Life, which I already knew I did.

Tonight, however, I stumbled across this notification:

Click to embiggen.

Gnightgirl Night Cream? I have a night cream? Heyyyy! I've been Gnightgirl since 2005, and I never endorsed a night cream with my name on it! I clicked through that link, and sure enough, there I am. I'm being sold at Target, right alongside Isaac Mizrahi's cute little dresses:
Ok, the spelling's a little different, but tomato/tomahto, this is me! They stole my name from me!

Never you mind that I stole it from George Burns and Gracie Allen. ("G'nite, Gracie," "G'nite girl," "Gnightgirl.")

This is different. This is... I demand a...I...Umm

...a secret potion?

I wonder if I can get a free sample.


  1. I'm thinking "yes" on the free sample. It already got them some free advertising after all.

  2. Anonymous10:06 AM

    I think you deserve a sample. A whole box of samples. They took your name, they owe you. Never mind George Burns...

  3. But you don't need night cream.

  4. Ok, I'll do it! I'm going to hit them up, just for kicks!

    Oh, honey, I need creams, night and day. I have the driest skin on the face of the earth; I could bob in hot oil and empty out the cauldron.

    But thank you for saying that.

  5. Your Night cream bottle looks so pretty!

    [ I totally give you the credit there, see?]



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