Monday, April 20, 2015

To Make or Not to Make

I've noticed, lately, a series of "Why You Should Make Your Bed" articles and speeches, alleging that bed-making is a simple habit that will increase daily productivity. The claim is that it's the first task—and thus, the first accomplishment—of the day, that will set off a chain reaction of tasks through the rest of the day.

Who makes this stuff up?

Why does making my bed have to be my first accomplishment? What if I trade it for putting my coffee cup in the dishwasher? Or hey!  Putting on a bra! I can honestly state that I get less done on days I don't wear a bra. Those are most often snow days and sick days (and Sundays), but the donning of the bra is usually the first sign of getting back down to business.

I imagine a day shot because I didn't pull the covers up before I left the house. An email to my boss: "I'm sorry, but I didn't make my bed this morning. I'm discombobulated. I just need to ... go home and restore my chakras." If a couple of hospital corners put me back in the groove, I'm likely to delve into the possibility of deeper issues.

I'm not saying that I don't ever make my bed, or that I don't feel good when it's all tidied up; I'm simply going to get as much done in a day with or without bouncing a quarter off of it before I leave the house.

To boot, some days I feel like not making my bed is my first act of kindness of the day.

There's a chain reaction I can put some stock into. 


  1. Weird it honestly feels like my first accomplishment of the day too...if I don't make it I feel all out of sorts...kind of like I can't wash my body until I've brushed my teeth...

    Then again it might just be the OCD in me lol

  2. I love you, cuz. I guess the importance of bed making runs in the family. I developed a habit of not making the bed because Miss Bella required that I do that and leave it just so. Then she was able to burrow under as far as she could get. Most times the only thing showing when a doggie does this is the snout. Not for the Queen. All you would see was possibly a small portion of her butt. She loved to be all snuggled under the covers, and when I was in bed with her, she loved to snuggle up to my bare legs. She found touch quite important, as did I. She made the best snuggle bug ever. Sorry, Barry, you know it's true. Husbands are ok for snuggling, sweet little creatures hold a special place in the snuggle factor. I tend to leave the bed unmade in case Miss Bella needs a place to snuggle her soul. She is welcome anytime. Thanks for reinforcing that not making a bed can have many reasons. I still follow Bella's lead on high pain days. Those are the days I turn on the electric blanket and snuggle with her old one.

    I love you Lori, and am so proud that you are my family.

    Susie O.

  3. Hey, I understand. I was very close to not doing it this morning, but I caved in to habit. :-)


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