Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Famous Friend ( & Come to Fat City on Saturday Night)

I'm trying to write a post that requires 100 paragraphs of pre-blog explanation, but I know that no-one reads windy blogs. What is boils down to is this:

This is me and Mark Roberts. He is a writer and producer of the hit TV show "Two and A Half Men," and I'm just bragging on him to get you to stand up and pay attention. (We couldn't reveal our friendship before, as all of those Hollywood types he hangs out with would pester him so much to meet Gnightgirl; I couldn't put him through that nightmare,)

At any rate, I used to PAY to watch this guy perform stand up comedy in this berg a lot of years ago, and he is returning this weekend for The Alley Cat Reunion at Fat City.

I wish I had more time to wax about Roberts. Truth is that I have money riding on the attendance of this weekend's show...

(Roberts on the left, me on the right)

...and if the house isn't packed, I'm going to be out one dollar.

Dudes. I just dropped and broke my camera, and I can NOT afford to lose a dollar. You HAVE to come to Fat City on Saturday night. $10 cover charge for hours of comedy and music after. (In LA, you're lucky to get a club soda for that!)

Please! Come out! Comedy! Beverages! Music!

If you're really nice, I'll lipstick & autograph your napkin. No charge.


  1. ooh, so teasy! You'll have to dish later. Hope it goes well (and super sorry 'bout your camera)

  2. No, you don't get it...people don't read badly written, boring, windy posts. Since yours are never badly written nor boring BRING ON THE DETAILS! I figure, in the day and age of Facebook and twitter any of us who are still actually reading blogs deserve some in depth, windy posts ~ but maybe that's just me. ;)

  3. That sounds like a great night out. After it's over I really want to read a very long post.

  4. Love to come but alas.


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