Tuesday, August 03, 2010

FreeBlogging, 1-2-3, GO!

I know I sound like a broken record with all of the "oh there's so much to blog about that I can't find time to blog excuse." I am tired of my own tired excuses, but here I am again, 11 p.m., thinking I should blog and not being able to think up even 1 subject. Where did they all go, all I do all day is laugh and think "har, har, that would make a great blog."

Since I can't think of a dang thing to blog about, I'm force myself to freewrite for 5 minutes. Maybe something will blurp out. Ready?

Wait...I have to go find my stop watch.

Okkkk, GO!

See, there's a reason I never seem to be able to get stuff done; every time I go to do a thing, I have to stop and do a different thing. Hey, what about the blog about how Clint can't understand how it is that I have 9 pairs of reading glasses, and yet I end up out of town on mini-vacations without a single pair? How can I do that when they're so crucial? Well...I don't really have anything more than a dumb stare in reply, so my only defense is that all of my reading-glass wearing friends do it too. It's a phenomenon, that us non-Type-A folks succumb to. ... It has taken me 3 weeks of having help with Mom to realize that I don't really get any spare time if I get excited and fill up the spare time with new activities. "Oh, I have an extra hour a day, I think I'll fill it with something and then I don't really have an hour at all." Time management, yesssss, I'm still learning it. I'm getting better at saying no, or at least not volunteering for crap like "oh, we can MAKE that, let's do it Friday,"....I catch myself, i'm catching myself, yay me. My cat got sick last week and crawled under the bed for 48 hours. She wouldn't come out so I walked around the house babytalking to her just so she'd have some support. She finally came out and croaked at me, and then got better, but has had a bad case of pica ever since.


I'll come back tomorrow to see if I said anything; I'm too tired to check right now.


  1. ...all of my reading-glass wearing friends do it too.

    Variation of a great response to this type of comment:

    Dickie Smothers: "Well, if the drummer told you to go jump off a bridge, would you do it?"

    Tommy Smother: "Not again."

    Oh, gawd. I just realized that that routine was done 44 years ago. I am so frakking old.

  2. I hope your kitty will be okay! Once when I was at the drugstore buying yet another pair of reading glasses because I had forgotten to put them in my purse again, I found a pair that came with its own little plastic snap top case. It sort of looks like a plastic tube for a toothbrush. So I bought those and made a hard rule with myself (that I only broke once), that those have to stay in my purse. It's working well so far.

  3. That glasses thing? That's why I'm almost happy I have to wear my glasses all the time.

  4. The wife does the glasses thing a lot and refuses to get the strap AKA crokies. Apparently they are too "old lady". I tell her forgetting her glasses is worse but she growls and walks away. Now she has the expensive glasses and I'm always on her to keep them in the case. If she wore the cokies...oh nevermind LOL

  5. Write or Die (by someone who appropriately calls himself Dr. Wicked) is what you need! Here's the link: http://writeordie.drwicked.com/
    I hope the kitty is okay too :)

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