Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mutual of Loriha's Wild Kingdom: I

I have a folder on my laptop entitled "Nature-critters" with a subfolder called "to blog." It's been a particularly wild Wild Kingdom year, and I've accumulated gobs of photos. Unfortunately, placing 20 photos in one post is ridiculously time consuming (and annoying) in Blogger, and I don't have gallons of time. Hence, the Nature-Critters Blog has somehow been days in the making, and I've given up.

Solution: It can be a series, yes? 


NUMBER ONE: Cute little tree frog.

This is by far the best photo in the folder, so it's all downhill from here, people. We were sitting out on Jen & Bill's deck in St. Louis a few weeks ago, when this baby took a flying leap, spun around a metal dowel rod like a stripper on a pole, and jumped down onto the deck.

I managed to hop up and get in one shot before he jumped away. It was a lousy shot, but I think the flash dazed the heck out of him, allowing me to take my time for this one.

Or, maybe he wasn't stunned; maybe he's just a ladies' frog, and stopped to work the camera. He does have some dreamy bedroom eyes, and a certain come-hither expression doesn't he?  How YOU doin? Meee-ooowwwww.

I mean, Riibb-bitttttt. Baby.

(This photo makes a background photo on your computer. Steal it and see for yourself.)


  1. Looks like the crack head who wanted a free ride to the ferry last night !! ...I made a similar folder, with characters I see, one day I'll have the time to post them, I like your idea...Great Froggy though...I have some free time and I'm going tto read all your past posts I missed this week, keep em coming !!

  2. The midget is a frog fan, she liked my new desktop background.


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