Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Photo Dump Day I: Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

My photo dump folder is filling up faster than usual these days, due, I think, to the recent acquisition of my new iPhone. Little gets by me now that I am a double-fisted photographer!

Since this month's folder had quite a few photos of scribbling and signs in it, I pulled a few out of the archives to round out a post and make a right-proper montage. Here goes:

1. If you do leave the pumps unattended,...

...someone might scribble all over your gas pump.

2. Tide is on sale at Menards...

Not exactly a bargain when you compare the every-day price below:

Who's singing the "Save Big Money" jingle with me now?

3. Sign on the door of a small shop in Cripple Creek, Colorado:

And another, in Cripple Creek. I'm thinking those shops had a rash of women wearing fall-down shoes, and collectively decided to take a stand:


4. This is ridiculous, pregnant mothers getting the front parking spot! What they should do is give it to mothers of newborn infants, that's when the going gets tough! Schlepping around a baby carrier of some kind, her purse and now a diaper bag, and then keeping track of bottles and pacifiers. Oh, and the baby, who's screaming his poor head off because they ran out of formula! Lord, that is the woman that deserves the front parking space. And give it to the new fathers, too; they're all exhausted!


5. In Hannibal, Missouri:

Mmmm, mouth-watering frames.


6. Welcome the Hannibal Visitor's Bureau. It's time for you to go now.


7. Can you read the fine print on the back of the propane truck that was in front of me at a stoplight last week?

So polite.

8. Clint and I were lured in here after a long day of trekking the streets of Chicago last fall:


Who could turn down such a catchy name?! Not us, that's who. We were greeted and escorted to our table by a beautiful golden lab. How fun!

9. A booth at the Pork & Apple Festival—or is it Apple & Pork? No matter. So naughty.


10. And last, when down to my last frazzled nerve while troubleshooting on my netbook, Windows had ONE more suggestion:

See that, right in the middle? You can try getting help from a friend! Because we just don't know what else to do! Try calling Diane! See what she says! Or go find Clint, get his advice! Brilliant! Thank you Windows! I'll do that!

This concludes Sign Dump. I'll start fiddling with the leftover photos for the next post, all of them every bit as engaging as these were.

Ciao, friends!



    I collect signs, so this is a most appreciated Photo Dump Day (I would've *had* to have stopped at the pub in Chicago, too).

  2. A most excellent post! Love the signs. And your comments.

  3. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Love the signs.

    Get help from a friend. Windows, what a bunch of morons. That pretty much explains why I bought a Mac Book.

  4. Funny!!!
    Actually, though, I love the one that tells you to call a friend. :-). What better idea is there than to call Diane?!
    Oh, and (whiney voice) *I* want to be escorted to my table by a pretty dog!!!!

  5. "Compacted" Tide?? Really? everyone knows about 'concentrated', but 'compacted' usually means you haven't had enough roughage... Just sayin'


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