Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Camera Unload

That time again: Have to clear up the memory disk in my point-n-shoot camera. Here are a few that aren't quite frame-worthy, but still too good just to throw away.

It's cold in the Midwest. Having lived here all of my life, I try to go with the flow, take an "it is what it is" attitude to the weather. I'm not doing so good with that year; I tire of these single-digit (and negative-digit) temps, and look forward to spring.

I came home last week to find a lemon-lime snowbank in the "sun" room. A case of diet 7-up that I'd left by the mini-fridge had literally blown up! Entire cans flew right through the box, and then blew themselves up. Who'd have ever thought of 7-up shrapnel? Good thing no one was home.

Oddly enough, the drinks inside the mini-fridge fared better than those out. Pretty cold when it's warmer inside the refrigerator than it is in the room. Oh, and I'm thinking that the money I spent a couple of years ago, to insulate under the sunroom, might have been a bit of a waste. Ah well, live and learn, silly female homeowner.

Moving on...

In my workplace, I essentially rotate between 2 different workspaces. One is my office, which is nice and neat and cozy and warm. The other, where I spend the most time, is a lobby of sorts. A computer on a folding table, no organization space, and no functioning furnace.

That's right, it's freezing up there. I work, during this weather, with a blanket (sometimes 2) on my lap, gloves (fingertips cut off), a space heater (sometimes 2), and when it's really wretched, a scarf or hat. I never come to work with less than 2 shirts on. Still wondering why I'm looking forward to spring?

Ah, this photo's been on my camera since last August, when my Grandma came to visit. She's such a sport. "hey, Grandma! Can I take your picture with these glasses on?" "Sure, honey."

She'll be 90 on St. Patty's day. Have to start planning a party!

I couldn't resist pulling over for a shot of this salon in Kankakee, Illinois, the last time I went to visit her. You'd really have to bank on folks' sense of humor to give your business this name, wouldn't you?

Diane and I visited Clint at the firestation a few weeks ago, so she could have a tour of the place. They got a call in the midst of the tour, so we snapped a few photos and kissed them goodbye.

I saved the best photos for last. These are a couple of photos that my cousin Mike sent me. He spotted this...uhh..vehicle, while driving through Tennessee a few weeks ago, and HAD to pull over for a photo. (Seems hitting the brakes for a photo op runs in the family.)

His e-mail to me pointed out that in this picture, you can see the passenger sipping on a can of beer:

© Mike Woodbeck

This little fact is more amusing if you know that Mike took the photo at 9:00 in the a.m.

Ok. Disk is clean and ready for the next round.



  1. LOL, Grandma is awesome =)

    Is that guy considered "drinking while driving"?

    Work? Wow, ummm, ya think they'd pop for a space heater?

  2. Wow.
    So....instead of looking forward to spring, how about looking for a new place to work? lol
    I absolutely LOVE your grandma *and* her attitude (sure, honey). She looks ravishing in those shades. I think that photo is definitely frame worthy! :-)

  3. I hope you saved those photos. They were a hoot. I loved the grandma photo the best.

  4. I LOVE Picture Dump Day (yes, your title is far more eloquent, I admit, but PDD is how I think of it in my head...where the skittering is). More! More!

    And for an obvious question ~ why do you move from the warm office to the cold one? I know there's gotta be a reason...

  5. Pobs: Long story; our building has 2 halves: One older, with a malfunctioning furnace and lot of empty space, that houses the front door, where delivery people come in, etc. The back half, newer and shinier, and warmer. When bossman is otherwise occupied, I just work up front, answering phones and signing for deliveries as needed.

  6. Ah, my favorite 'Camera Unload' posts..did I already tell you that?

    Can you imagine, I was more worried about the amount of cleaning it took for you than the 7'ups blowing apart dangerously. :)

    LOL! That office pic looks like a grey little penguin working on the computer. ( ofcourse, am kidding!)

    About the funny boards, will email you some really hilarious pics I received today.

  7. If I could borrow your grandma and rent that trailer with horses,we'd make a million in NYC charging for rides !!!BUT I get to wear the shades too !!!

  8. Nancy: Oh, there's a space heater; I cranked it up so high that I almost caught my blankie on fire!

    Farmgirl: In this economy?!!!
    And you're right; my grandma IS ravishing!

    GregC: They'll be burned to CDs, most of them. Not sure I'll save the 7-up cans.

    BostonPobs: I like "Picture Dump Day" better, I'll use that title from now on.

    Always Happy: I'm embarrassed to admit that it was so cold out there the day it happened, that I knew the "mess" wasn't going anywhere...and saved it for the next day, when it was a degree warmer, but still not to the melting phase.

  9. I'm pretty sure it must be illegal to make people work in the conditions you have....

  10. In between this job and my previous one, I worked a month (Feb!) for a company in Danville. Never mind the drive, my work station was in a cavernous conference room affectionately known as "The Meat Locker". Brrr. I completely understand.

  11. King: For a million bucks, I think even Grandma might go along with you; she is seriously sick of nursing home living, and riding around with you in NYC might be pretty appealing to her!

    Jazz: Ha. I don't think there are temperature laws...are there?!

    Bettycat: Brr; "cavernous" sounds even colder. I'm picturing you in the corner of an empty warehouse!

  12. That's great. Thanks fr sharing.


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