Thursday, January 29, 2009

January House Update

It's been awhile since the last house update. We're still plugging along.

Since the last update in October, it's been a building walls, installing furnace ducts, placing outlets and light switches, recessed lighting frames, and running general, a lot of stuff I can't do. While Clint slaved away, I was out of the overall construction picture in November/December because: 1) I don't know how to wire stuff and 2) I'm a weenie when it's freakin' cold outside.

But we're to a point where I can help again! Yay! We're gettin' walls, and boy, do they ever make a difference. Here's the kitchen, Sunday morning:

Drywallers were showing up Monday morning, and everything had to be finalized. Chop-chop! All day Sunday, I stuffed insulation into the walls, and around windows, while Clint put in last minute phone jacks, and outlets, and did 1,000 other things.

And here it is at day's end on Monday!

Whoo hoo! Houston, we have drywall!

Here's another Sunday morning photo. All of that wood had to come down off of the walls, and 100-year old insulation behind it cleaned up.

Here's the same corner, Monday evening:

Sunday: Mudroom

Aaaaaaand Monday Mudroom!

Walls certainly give the place a lot more definition, don't they?

Upstairs walls are going in as I write this. Here's how the place looked yesterday:

Looking down the hall into the vanity area. You can just see the edge of a jacuzzi tub at lower left. Bathroom on the left, shower on the right, and mirror/vanity will be front-right.

Here's another shot, where you can see the tub, and framework for future walls.

2 closets, with a window between them:

The view across the room, to the sliding doors overlooking the back yard:

I get off work at 4:00, and get to zoom over and see how the upstairs shaped up with walls. Are you as excited as I am to see how different it looks, now?

Ok! I'll post pictures of the upstairs next!


  1. SWEET!

    Drywall makes a world of difference! We redid our living room and dining room a few years back, and it looked like the inside of a cabin until we got the drywall up.

    We're supposed to be gutting and redoing the kitchen. But Car Guy says he won't until I get a job (despite the fact that we have the appliances and cabinets paid for an in the basement). Do you and Clint travel to do work?

  2. Walls certainly give the place a lot more definition, don't they?

    Yeah, they tend to do that.

    Congratulations on WALLS!!!

  3. Yay for walls! You know what this means don't you? Time to pick out paint!

    I've always heard that the worst part about remodeling or building from scratch is trying to think of all the places you want outlets or jacks if you're putting in new ones and not just using existing ones. Did you help in choosing placement of any of those things?

  4. Wow everything looks fantastic!
    I'm so excited for the two of you!

    You must be ecstatic to be getting so far along!

  5. Wow, You [read Clint, snort] have come along way!

    LOL, I know you are working hard on it too Lori. Why it IS hard getting those photos in focus, isn't it?

    It's looking really nice!

  6. Marmar9:32 PM

    Wooohooo! Bet you can't wait to get into that tub!! Its lookin' good!

  7. Am I the only one who thinks this is the most exciting thing happening on the internet at the moment? I thought not. I loves it!

  8. Beautiful! Everything's looking incredible. I *love* house updates!!! :-)

  9. Oh great progress! I can see where you're going to be the busy one soon, selecting all the finishes, picking paint colors, and decorating everything from top to bottom. How exciting!

  10. StFarmer10:12 AM

    Turning from a house into a home. Come on it, sit a spell, take your shoes off.


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