Friday, January 30, 2009

More Walls!

We are just stupid excited about these walls! I wanted to rush home to see the upstairs progress, but just *had* to make one stop to get my driver's license renewed on the way yesterday. Gah! Of course the place was packed, putting my preview off by another 45 minutes. Torture! I wanted to get home!

Clint was excited too, and while I sat in the DMV, he text'd me from the crawlspace in the house: "If you get here, don't go upstairs without me, I want to see your face when you see the place." Ah love. That cute message made me smile big, and I walked out with the best. driver's. license. photo. ever.

Anyway, I finally got home to have him accompany me for the grand opening of upstairs drywall:

The closets. We'll put a small chest or seat between the windows. All of the bedroom windows overlook the surrounding fields, for optimum deer-watching. Although there's usually 3 or 4 sauntering round, I had to stop one day this week to watch about 50 of them grazing in the field.

Can't quite see around this pile of scrap drywall, but you get the picture, compared to yesterday's shot.

Here's the hallway, looking down the shower/vanity area.

And the jacuzzi tub, all walled in. We did both have a sit in that tub together on Sunday afternoon. With work clothes and boots we took a rest and dreamed about future bubble baths.
And curtains.

(If you didn't see yesterday's entry, all of the "Before" shots of these photos are posted there, for comparison).

Taping and mudding begins on Saturday, and these walls should be ready for primer and paint in 1 week or so.

Yes, I have the colors picked out, they've been picked out for months. I'm sure that I will still be tuning in for your advice, however. Put on your decoratin' hats and get ready to boss me around, ok?

Because I'm on deck. While *we* are painting, Clint will get a break; it's his turn to listen to me bark orders discuss plans for awhile, in the next phase of our remodeling.

I have a feeling he's going to do most of his listening while sipping on a cold beer and sitting in a jacuzzi-full of hot water.

That's ok. He totally deserves it.


  1. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Is that snow I see outside the bathroom window? For gawds sake, send some over!

  2. For gawd's sake, you can have it. All of it!

  3. StFarmer3:11 PM

    Hint: Don't use bubble bath with the jacuzzi running.

  4. No more Back Talkin'


    stoopid twitter

  5. Wow, gangbusters!

    Looking good =)

  6. Marinemom9:46 PM

    You are sooooooo lucky!!!!

  7. Fab.u.lous. I LOVE IT!

    P.S. Thanks for your lovely note, sent shivers down my spine. Good news: They arrived safely but living in tents has left them FREEZING. Any advice on what to send that might help?


  8. Anonymous3:31 AM

    You want some warmth. Come on down.

  9. Everything looks so fabulous!
    Your excitement is contagious -- we've caught it all the way up here in Canada!

  10. I'm been away far too long. Is this your new house??? Can't wait for it to be finished.

  11. Okay, I see two closets one for your winter duds and one for your summer duds, where's Clint's closet?

  12. Aaaaah! It's bee-yooooo-ti-ful! I love it! Love the closets!

    I'm ready to move in...

  13. You make me want to tear my house down and start over. I'd love to redecorate!

  14. ooohhhhh closets!

    And a jacuzzi!

    Can I go live with you?

  15. Those are some major renovations!

    I love that feeling of a project at or near completion. My husband just finished some work on our "library", a big storage unit with pull-out shelves for all our paperback books and movies etc. I've been waiting with impatience for it to be done for weeks now! Hurrah!

    By the way, I really like the look of that window between the two closet areas.

  16. I love all these pics. I love remodeling and building and stuff. It looks like it is really rocking over there. Best of luck with all of it. I wonder if there is an old Irish wish for building? If so I wish it upon you.


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