Monday, June 22, 2009

Levity, Provided By Mama

I took Mom out shopping yesterday afternoon, intent on finding some cool summer clothes for her. She had me in stitches from the start, when we walked into Sears, and she broke into hysterical giggles. Having no idea what set her off, she took me back to a headless mannequin, modeling a men's suit. "Poor thing," she said, and started giggling all over.

After picking out a few cool house dresses for her, I asked her if she'd like some slippers to wear with them. The look on her face was priceless when she exclaimed, "FLIPPERS?!! It was then my turn for hysterical giggling; the idea of Mom slapping around the house in a duster and a pair of blue flippers still undoes me.

The best line of the afternoon was yet to come, when we were trying on some cheapie slip-on shoes for her to wear around the house. She often mixes any two black shoes she can find. I thought maybe if we go for bright red, she'd be less likely to end up wearing two different shoes.

I slipped these on her, and asked her what she thought:

She gave 'em a walk around, sat down and hemmed and hawed, and finally replied,

"I remember something. I'm out of peppermints."


  1. You both had me laughing, too. Sounds like you did find some fun summer things - each other! :-)

  2. That is so funny. I didn't even fully get it at first so I got to laugh a second time as it came to me.

  3. Peppermints. That's awesome.

  4. You had me at flippers :)

  5. Hey, I can see the association. Cute little peppermint shoes.

  6. Carol9:54 AM

    You are so lucky she has a sense of humour that the two of you can share. And the peppermints, now that's clever. Remember times like these when the going gets rough.

  7. I'm wearing those cheapie shoes as I type! I bought them to wear around the house, but mine are chocolate brown. Mmmm chocolate!


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