Thursday, July 16, 2009

House Update

It's official. Kind of. Well, we think so...we're back. We're here. We aren't done; we aren't anywhere close to done, but we spent our first night in the country casa last night. We stayed on the property a few weeks ago, for Clint's birthday, but the only available bedroom was still a bit overcome with construction equipment, so we slept in the camper that night, so we don't count that.

We've puttered and organized, and we've decided that it's time: We have a stove and a refrigerator. We have living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. We are here.

We still have lots of dust, bare lightbulbs, boxes everywhere, cardboard over the floor to protect the tile, and doors and windows with no trim. But even on night 2 we've figured out fast that it is MUCH easier to work here until 7 0r 8, and be HOME when we are done.

We celebrated last night with a simple, but fantastic dinner, tossed together from what few ingredients we have in the kitchen. A steak on the grill, a simple salad, and a last minute bouquet of wildflowers in a fancy vase. (Pronounce that vahs, will you?)

On Day 2, we made it really official:

We brought the cat home. She acclimated for a few hours, and when it was finally time for me to put my feet up, decided to earn her keep: She caught the mystery mouse that's been leaving evidence of it's existence around the house.

And she brought the writhing thing right to my feet. Clint was in the shower at the time, but he had no doubt that something exciting was going on in the living room. I was standing on the couch within nanoseconds (yes, I was), making this face, and the accompanying sounds that you imagine here:

Lucky for me, the mouse got away, which may make for an interesting Night #3 at the country casa. I'm keeping my shoes on.

We look forward to keeping you posted.


  1. Congratumaltions! It looks lovely.

  2. I am so in love with that sink in the corner with the big windows, I may have to buy it a ring. And reserve a hall.

  3. It will scamper right up your leg, you know, as soon as you let down your guard. Eternal vigilance. It's the only way.

  4. Marinemom7:16 AM

    Congratulations!! If you are going to be a country girl, you are going to have to learn to smack those mice over the head with an iron skillet of else stop feeding the cat so he'll finish the job:)

  5. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Hey Lori, I am glad that you are officially there. What I can't understand is the fact that you are scared of a mouse. They are cute. Do you want me to come catch it for you? A little cheese and cracker is all you need. Kelly

  6. Congrats on Being There!

    As for the cat, she was just being a cat. Too bad she doesn't eat them. I have a friends whose cat leaves only mouse heads and other assorted pieces lying around.

    Which is somewhat disconcerting actually.

  7. Congrats on your new home. Looks lovely!

  8. oh how wonderful!! Congrats----the kitchen looks wonderful----that corner sink and!

  9. Congrats from me too, awesome kitchen ,love the window style.So what happens with your city house? Btw watch your shoes, cats love to put their gifts of dead mice in shoes.

  10. Love the thin layer of dust on all the kitchen cabinets, takes me back to the house we remodeled. When I say "we" I mean my significant other, but I was the voice of reason standing right behind him, picking up construction debris and saying "you're gonna do what!"

  11. Wow, I get so into FB, I forget to stay in tune with blogs. Your place looks won.der.ful.

    LOL @ the cats "house warming present" to you.

    I can't wait for more pics as you finish up.



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