Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tell Me

Time for Tell Me!

But first I'll tell you...

10:00 pm, on my 10th or so country evening. Clint is working, the telly is O-F-F, and there's a summer rain in this countryside.

I stepped out on the porch, to hear a din of insects and amphibians. Crickets, locusts, and tree frogs harmonize with rain on leaves, from the forest across the street. Thunder rumbles in the background, and we have a new neighbor, a screech owl that sends chills up your spine as it flies to and fro.

We are surrounded on 3 other sides by a soybean field, and the moisture has kept fireflies up past their usual hour.

What I am witnessing here is a concert and a light show.

For this one minute, I want you to feel this. I wish you were me.

I want to know: What are YOUR "You should be me" moments? Spectacular views, thrilling rides, rewards for hard work?

Tell me: When would you have wished us in your shoes?


  1. I think nature does that to us all. I felt that way in Muir Woods and in the Japanese Gardens in Fort Worth. I expect people looking at waterfalls and the Grand Canyon feel the same way. It must be human naure.

  2. Boxing Day a couple of years ago - no extended family: just my parents, sister and our partners - playing cards and board games all evening, enjoying drinks and laughing so hard I was crying all night. That's what Christmas is all about - a night of real love. Everyone should have a night like that.

  3. 1. As I was standing on a most crowded subway train, the 4 train, there was a scary looking chap with a radio blasting some rap and annoying everyone on board.He was pretty big wearing gang stuff and just didn't seem like the type you'd say something too without making a problem. Well there was an old woman with a walker holding onto the pole with one hand her purse wrapped around her wrist so as no one can take it and her other hand on the walker...This scary lookin dude shuts his radio off, tells nobody to sit in his seat he'll be back and walked over to the lady and escorted her to his seat as she sat with her own personal bodyguard for the duration of the trip...on this city train, all you heard were crickets as she said"what a nice young man you are"...everyone was paused in thought til they reached their respected destinations and reflected what had happened and sawplayed out like a subway ballet in slow motion. I guess a country moment in the heart of the concrete jungle. True story. Hope you liked it as much as I liked yours. Peace.

  4. Got one:The day my son Albert comes tearing in the house shouting "Mom your not gonna believe who I brought home" and behind him in walks Barry Manilow.. Everyone should have 1 day that just leaves you numb with surprise!

  5. Well, this is mundane, and I hate to always talk about food, but I was eating something delicious the other day, and I thought, I hope everyone everywhere is able to enjoy something wonderful to eat. Actually I thought that in the shower the other day, too. May everyone be able to have a hot shower with nice-smelling soap whenever they want it.

    Your evening moment sounds wonderful. I love stuff like that, too.

  6. When I get those excited, fluttery tummy feelings of sheer joy and happiness and amazement at a dog show, watching someone I know (and I know how hard they work and plan and had to overcome) excel in the ring and I see the beaming pride in their eyes, it makes me tear up. And I wish I could explain those feelings on my blog, the appreciation of the hard work that has gone into the performance, the pleasure in watching it all come together for a friend and her dog! Now, when *I* go into the ring, I don't feel those feelings and only every once in a while do I feel sort of like that when we get done, only when I know we did our homework and we are especially awesome. Otherwise, I am hindered with thinking of all the things we could do better, all the things we need to work on and practice and all the "should have"s. I think I should concentrate more on applying those rose-colored glasses to myself!

  7. Geewits: It's nice to take a minute and take nature in. A good autumn walk is another soothing experience.

    Sven: I can imagine it very well, this one made me smile.

    King: Very thought provoking. I'm sure that you and all of the others will carry this with you forever. I will too, now.

    Diane: I remember that! You were a celebrity for having a celebrity in your house!

    Lisa: Both good ones. A good shower after a long day of work is the best!

    Jenna: Cool, it's always great to see your hardwork pay off. I think we are often harder on ourselves than we are on others. Don't forget to appreciate your own hard work!

  8. When I'm at the beach in the late fall/early winter, and the ocean is steel gray and choppy, the sea breeze blows salt in my face, the low sun in the sky is still warm and I'm walking along searching for conch shells that only wash up between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day... the beach is mostly empty and the roar of the surf is loud. The locals gather in the few small places that are open off-season and there is a sense of comraderie among us when the tourists are gone. I feel, well, home. :)

  9. I was trying to think of something great to share, but when I read Diane's I knew I had nothing to compare. That would be fantastic. Not that I am a huge Manilow fan (he's okay), it is that element of surprise that had to be awesome.

  10. God...so many (I've been blessed)...

    ~ dancing with my sweetie to the sound of the city on a corner in Copley Square one night about 1:00 a.m.

    ~ getting caught in a rainstorm (in a good way) down in N.C. ~ and another time in Pune, India

    ~ flying at canopy level over the jungles of Mexico

    ~ that one afternoon walking through Newburyport, MA in autumn when the colors on the trees looked like something out of a postcard and the nip in the air was the stuff of stories

    ~ having the cabbie honking to get the train to stop as we came barreling into the station, the train slowing down and the conductor reaching for my hand and pulling me on board, like something out of a WWII movie

    ~ the numerous times I have woken to the sound of the ocean just outside my window or door

    ~ the absolute silence of that day in Fenway after the blizzard the day before when I was the only one outside (or even, seemingly, alive)

    I'm going to stop now but thanks for bringing all these back ~ and bringing back all the ones I haven't written.

  11. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Lori, only you can come up with 'Tell me' ideas like these! :)

    Your's sounded beautiful...and I went along your words..felt it..for a few brief seconds. Thank you.

    I can list at least 6 moments when I felt 'Ah! every body should experience something like this once!'

    The best of the lot is on a trip to this place in Kerala.We set out on a long trek and tiresome as it was, felt worth every step when we came face to face with a breath taking waterfall ..lush greens all around.

    We took the risk and walked down the slippery rocks ..words cannot explain how it felt to stand at the foot of the waterfall, looking up to a pleasant cold spray from the gushing waters. We were alone, not a single soul around. It felt like paradise belonged to us that day!

  12. Michael Woodbeck8:25 PM

    Standing in the middle Of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris,France and thinking if anything will make you get religion this will.

  13. Pobs: I can hardly pick my favorite. I danced, flew and walked with you, and squealed with the train story.

    HappyAKA: Fantastic, just the two of you!

    Michael: Sighhhhhhhhhh. I wanna.

    I think this is my most favorite Tell Me ever. Let's play it again. You're welcome to comment over and over, I can't get enough!

  14. Melody, for some reason your comment didn't come to my attention until after everyone else's did. The Manilow surprise for Diane was exciting--she'd been deep cleaning the printing factory we both worked in--vacuuming suspended flourescent lights all day, and she was covered in dust.

    Still, she fixed him tea.

  15. Nicely written! I wanted other people to be me when I was getting my butt chewed, while I was somewhere else having a cocktail.... :)

  16. Y'all should have been in my shoes right about here.

    Of course not at the same time, that was *my* spot!

  17. Glock! Take your boots off!


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