Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Days of Joy, Days of Heartache

Life has been odd lately, and I simply don't know where to begin when I sit down to write. There's just so much going on, and my life seems to alternate, sometimes from hour to hour, between elation and heartache.

In the last week and a half, Momo & Woof & Matilda were guests in my home, here from North Carolina. I dined with Becky, Dave, Jack, & Goldie-Grandma, here from Arizona. I attended a fantastic house concert at Cynthia & Ernie's house. I crashed a class reunion, and met a friend from LA for the first time. And I joined another clan to raise glasses with my friend, Jennie, in town from Brooklyn.

In the last week and a half, my sister has gotten shockinlgy weaker. She has had oxygen delivered to the house. She has vomited up her guts, fallen and busted her lip, and yet, she has gotten out of the house for family photos in the park. We talk every day that she's able. Our conversations are sometimes "fluffy" and other times poignant enough to bring me to my knees. She is on my mind every second of every day.

And there's the house, and there's Mom, and oh, I have to work for a living, and hey! Brian and Courtney just got their married housing in Fort Benning, and I receive touching letters from soldiers that want all of the beanie babies we can send.

See? How can I possibly choose which of these things to write about? I am paralyzed with indecision.

But I have photos.

North Carolina: Marcy, Matilda (Woof not pictured here)

Teri & Mom

Tucson, AZ: Becky

Tim, Teri, Mom, Dane, Brandi

France: Amy Rigby

Champaign bloggers

Me, Teri

Los Angeles: Mark

Teri & Kids

Brooklyn, NY: Jennie

I have a story about each of these photos, and a story about everything else I tagged up to tonight, and several more that are missing here. I guess I'll either catch up or I won't, when I feel a bit less discombobulated. For now, though, my pillow beckons, and I thank you for sticking with me.

Also, phone calls and visitors wear Teri out a bit, but she tells me she still LOVES logging on and reading your well-wishes, when she feels well enough to. Send her some hearts on her guestbook, if you get a chance!

The rest of the family photos can be viewed here.


  1. It's all mixed in together...

    So glad we got to see you! So glad you did the photo shoot.

    You just write whatever you feel like...whenever you feel like it!

  2. StFarmer6:36 AM

    I envy your happy times, mourn your sad times. Hang in there.

  3. You're at the center of a complicated and beautiful web. A thread tremors, joyous or heartbreaking, and the rest of us feel it too. Love you, Lorita.

  4. Angela Page9:54 AM

    Times are turbulent, yet you are afloat. Wishing you both peace and energy to get thru it all. You are amazing!

  5. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Hey Lori, When you do not post for more than 2 days in succession, I start hoping you are having lots of fun somewhere..and that all is well with Teri and your mom.

    Though she looks weaker, the pictures are really heartwarming nice.

    You have way too much going on in your mind/heart - the blog can wait, take care of yourself.

  6. God bless all of you.

  7. The picture of you and Teri is absolutely beautiful. MUCH love to you from us....

  8. *Love* all your pictures. The smiles are big and genuine and show how much love you have in your life. I'm so sorry for all the pain, Lori.

  9. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Good to see you are all smiling and together...
    My thoughts are with you all


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