Monday, February 15, 2010

Freezin' for a Reason

February 27, 2010
Noon o'clock
Lake of the Woods, Mahomet, IL

I am plunging. WE are plunging, we have rallied around and actually managed to find 5 or 6 people that will constitute a TEAM of  people idiotic fun-loving enough to jump into cool water for a great cause: To raise money for The Special Olympics.

A view of the lake at the plunge 3 years ago.

We are plunging for Team Toys for Troops!

Here are our members, so far:

Give it up for Lizzie! Her mother, Debbie, is marrying my cousin Mike this summer, so that makes Lizzie my....cousin too, as far as I'm concerned. (Pirate not included)

Let's hear a round of applause for Sarah Westhoff! Her hubby, Fred, works with Clint. Fred and Clint are not participating in the Polar Plunge. They say it's because they have to work that day. Right. That's why. We believe them.


A Standing O, please, for Sue Klefstad. This photo was taken about 2 weeks ago, just after Sue's last chemotherapy treatment, for breast cancer. After a tough year for this always-smiling co-worker of mine, her oncologist has given her the go-ahead to go jump in a lake. She was told "You can do any stupid thing you want to!" Isn't that wonderful?

Put your hands together for Brian's brother, the one and only Dustin Jolley! Dustin was the first one to raise his hand and volunteer to be my teammate on this one—I KNEW  he'd do it! Unfortunately, there may be a bit of a scheduling conflict with his basketball team...

The one that's not me is Michelle. their stepmom, Michelle Jolley, has volunteered to jump for him if he doesn't make it. That is above and beyond a mother's duties, isn't it? I think she's crazy.

And last but not least, Moi. Here I am this weekend, showing off a refrigerator that we'll want to crawl into to get warm after we're done jumping:

50-degrees warmer than the waterrrrrr

What am I forgetting? Oh, yes. We need your monies! We each need to come up with at least $75 worth of donations to jump! Easy-Peasy.

Click here to go to our pledge page, pick a name and send $5 or $10 our way, won't you?

If YOU will click there, then WE will do this:

And together, we'll make THIS happen:


Thank you. I love you.

The more the merrier: Feel free to hit the "Join a Team" button and sign yourself up with Toys for Troops on the 27th.


  1. a bunch of people did this in Hickory this past weekend! I didnt know about it til after but apparently a sorority and fraternity teamed up to do it. i bet Lake Hickory water's warmer than your icy lake in illinois... ;) have fun! :)

  2. Have been following you for a little while now and want to say thank you for your beautiful photos and your wonderful thoughts. I am in a huge transition in my life right now and it is just one day at a time and I enjoy all the inspiration that others have to share. I use my blog as somewhat of a gratitude journal and as my eye on the prize so to speak and I love women who inspire which in turn empowers others. Many do not realize the impact that they have and I just wanted to share your little impact on me. Thank You and keep sharing those beautiful pics.
    Always, Shelly

  3. Another year, another plunge. That's great! Special Olympics is such a worthy cause. I've made a pledge.


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