Friday, June 25, 2010

Girlfriends, New Shoes, and Gender/Communication Barriers

While puttering around the casa a couple evenings ago, I received a text-e-mail from one of Da Girlzs, Georgie, updating all of us on her travels, the men that are chasing her newly-single self, and the fact she'd just bought herself some great shoes. Oh, and when are we having Girlz Night, again?

We sent a few lines back and forth, and then this one came in from her: "I just tried to send you a picture of my new shoes. I don't know if I did it right."

I checked the picture, and mailed her back: "No, that was a picture of that guy that smells like corn."

"Damn," ... "Try it now."

When this picture finally came in, I oooo'd and ahhhh'd, peaking Clint's curiosity. "What?"

I handed him the netbook to show him the photo.

He squinted at it, then said "What's that?"

"Georgie's new shoes."


"Because she got new shoes."

"But, what happened?"

"She got new shoes."

"There's no story?"

"The story is: Georgie got new shoes. And she's showing them to us."

Then I gave him a look that said "What is there to understand?"

He returned the laptop with a "women are weird" shake of the head.

That's the whole story. Now, I'll be curious to hear how many women "get" this, and how many men have no idea what this blog is about.


  1. hahaha... I've been subjected to these kind of "stories" regularly... with pretty much the same response. Though these days I've pretty much given up on hoping there will be some thing, some information, anything to make the awkward moment make sense forthcoming and just nod, "Mm hmm, yup, that's nice."

    Then I wonder to myself how it would go over if I made it a point to show off a new tube of toothpaste or package of tube socks as if they were exciting, but act like the reason is self-explanatory... could I get the same response from a woman?

    I've been tempted to try it, but it kind of scares me to think if it went over well instead. It might confirm that half the species may be crazy... and if it looks like I get it, will they swarm like a scene out of a zombie movie... stalked mercilessly down by women wielding scented candles, articles of clothing, and photos of friends doing mundane things that are supposedly must-see for unknown reasons... until all that can be seen from the middle of the swarm is my clutching hand as I expire.

    I think I'll just stick to the shake of the head. It has to be safer.

  2. Glock---show off your tube socks, and expect to give us some answers: Cool! Where did you get them? How much did they cost? Were they on sale? Was it a pack of socks or just one pair? You know, you can get those same socks at _____ for $2 cheaper....

    Prepare, or just keep shakin.

  3. Gotta tell you, my guy gets this just fine. To prove my point I showed him the photo and said, "Lori's friend got these new shoes," and he said, "Yikes! Does she have a whip to go with them?!" My point is, he didn't think it odd that anyone would send photos of their new shoes around. Oh, and he grills steaks, watches and plays sports, and cleans the gutters, too. :)

    Glock21, if you showed me your new socks, I'd say, "Cool! You really needed some new ones!" Ho ho.

  4. Gah! Even the hypothetical may have been too dangerous. Already the women are coming out of the wood work to offer hypothetical senseless conversation about my hypothetical excitement over hypothetical tube socks!

    It may already be too late for me... men, you've been warned! Save yourselves!!! G'ah-y'earrrgh...

  5. Hmm. What's not to get? BTW, bet your friend will be sending a "story" after she wears em. ;-)

  6. shoes and a picture to go with them??? I love it when this happens. Love it!!! It makes me happy every time!

    I even send pics of shoes that I am trying on to my know, cuz thats just what you need to do sometimes. :-)

  7. I once posted a blog that was about nothing ~ until I remembered there were shoes to show off, at which point it became about shoes. Nothing else. No story. Just the shoes (which interestingly enough were VERY similar to the ones your friend has now). Nemeria and I often send each other links to shoes we only *want*, let alone own or have a chance to try on. Luckily for me, Lithus, like Lisa's husband, gets the shoe thing and makes appropriate noises at the appropriate times.

    In fairness, I have seen/heard men have similar conversations and exchange similar links about power tools.

  8. My dude would totally understand the shoes, and wonder why I don't have a fondness for shoe shopping. (I'm weird, I know. Ask me about purses, and it's a different story.)

    Very cute shoes!

  9. Glock: let this be a lesson to you. Anytime you want to test out the female perspective, we're here for you.

    Lisa: Your gusy is very perceptive...but I don't know nuthin' 'bout no whips. That's my story and I'm stickin to it.

    MizLiz: You should probably stop what you're doing and show up at Girlz Night. There will no doubt be a shoe-related story.

    Pobs: Yay on the shoes, and you hit the nail on the head with the male perspective: Clint and his son-in-law taunt one another with food, esp. french toast from a local dive-diner.

    Loquacious: Spill it, how many? Let's see them. Do you change them out every day? Every season? for special occasions?

  10. I could see this concept completely flip for men and women (man excited and showing it off to other guys... and women just walking away shaking their heads at them like they're weird)... yet still be about a picture of a shoe.

    The only tweak necessary is that the shoe picture would have to be of a lady wearing the shoe... and nothing else.

    See! Common ground at last. :)

  11. Glock: Perfect! Do it! Promise me you'll post pics of your black eye.

  12. That's why research labs have desperate interns and grad students. I'll get back to you once they're out of the hospital. :-D

  13. I have about 50. Almost all of them are garage sale, thrift store, flea market or church bazaar finds at less than $1. (I DO have a "good bag", lovingly rescued from the Coach outlet- it was lonely.) I don't change them out as much as I could, mostly because I am lazy and don't like hunting for my stuff.

    So why do I have them? Because they are cute! Or they match my dress- or they were cheap- or.... well .... why not?!?!?!

  14. Mike woodbeck12:51 PM

    All men would get it if you women wore these shoes with fishnet stockings and nothing else.

  15. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Seriously I can't fathom any guy not having a reaction to that shoe photo. Those things rock, naked lady or no.

    What I want to know is where she's finding the men who are chasing her. I could use a little of that.

  16. marinemom6:18 PM

    I so get it!!! Love shoes. It's a girl thing.

  17. Lori, I think I can file this post under the "Imelda Marcos Syndrome."

  18. Anon, Georgie has a certain magnetism to her, and it's not just her shoes. She doesn't even cast a line; the fish just jump out of the water and land at her table. It's quite fun to observe.

  19. Well duh. Of course new shoes...

    Men! Pffft.


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