Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jamaica, Mon: Streets—The End

This will be it, for Streets. There are more that I like, but have nothing to say about them, really, so I'll post those I have commentary on, and be done with it.

I like the busy photos. In the downtown areas we rode through, all of the photos were busy; there's a lot going on in Jamaica. This photo, for instance:

I like it in it's entirety, but I like it also because of this couple:

And this man:
And I like it for the little tyke in the plaid shorts at the end, and the fruit stand in the back, the gorgeous young girl on the left, and the elderly man looking at her. I like that the women in green and yellow tank tops are wearing flip-flops that match their shirts. I like polka dot skirts and big hats. I wonder if the big guy on the left lifts weights. I like it for the kid that is exiting stage right.

I like the busy photos.

Bus stops:

I'm a sucker for even a bad photo of a fruit stand.

Pink, blue, lime green, yellow building. Yellow, pink, purple clothes. I really need to weed out my neutral closet.

A break from gardening:

The flaless fashonz are cool, but I want to see what's in that farm store. It's almost time to start planning this year's garden.

Sea View Bar

Busy. I'm intrigued with the way this couple holds hands. He is much taller than she. What's in that cart? I want to eat it.

Colorful. Beautiful. I notice her wedding band.

Primary colors:

More fruit. I shouldn't blog when I'm hungry.


Breezy office windows and doors.

No food.

Time to get my hairs did.

Sour sop and beat root.


Hey! I like your tricycle!

Basket shack. I brought home two baskets, not from this place, but still handmade by the ladies that sold them to me.

There ye have it. 3 posts of pix out the bus windows. Get ready, then, for friends, snorkeling, dune buggying, shopping, jerk chicken, hermit crabs, and beach-side spa photos. To name a few.