Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I can't believe I'm doing a follow-up on the missing camera blog, so soon! Clint arrived at my house yesterday before I got home, and began, once again, to search for the camera. Everywhere, he looked. Finally, he asked me, "Did you ever take the couch cushion off, entirely?"

Yes, I did. And he had also, I reminded him. We had also, together, flipped the couch over, and I'd peeled back a bit of the fabric along the bottom of the couch to see if the camera hadn't fallen all the way through to the lining below.

AND, home alone one evening, I'd flipped the couch over for another search (nearly killing the cat in the process of getting it back right side up; I had no idea she was under there).

AND, he flipped the couch himself, yesterday, for one more look around underneath the thing. Still nothing.

Well, he decided, he was going to pull that cushion one more time, for peace of mind.

There it was! Sitting right THERE, near the front of the couch, not in the least bit hidden, once the cushion had been removed. We stood staring stupidly at each other, with incredulous looks on our faces. The camera's been gone for almost 4 weeks, and it's suddenly in plain sight?!!! I accused him of asked him if he'd actually found it and "planted" it there to surprise me, but he denied it.

We decided that the camera must have been jarred loose from the bowels of the sofa with that last flip.

Rejoice, rejoice, we put it on the charger, and it's ready to go...

...except the memory card is on the desk... Clint's house.


  1. Mystery solved! YAY!

  2. Fa-ree-key!

    I don't believe it was there all the time, I think your guardian angel moved it there *wink*

  3. Hmmmmm.

    Maybe there IS something to all those blond jokes. ;)

    The next sound you hear will be Lori's camera striking me in the head.


  4. I hate to break the news to you, gnight girl, but Clint planted the camera. Why else would he bring up searching the couch for the third or fourth time? Now, the question is where it has actually been all this time. I'm sure you have ways of making him talk.

  5. I found it in my freezer and then planted it there myself. I would have had it there sooner, but it took me a while to figure out where you lived.


  6. It must have been a stalker who reads your blog and got to feeling guilty.

    Not me, of course, but really -- how oftern have you seen that rented Malibu down the block lately?

  7. Lori - it's been hiding in that black hole, you know, the one that all of us have in our homes. Oy, I could tell you stories girl! But glad that you found it!

  8. Your ghost was taking pictures of humans. If there are human pictures on the card at Clints you will know that the Ghost has friends at his house too.

  9. Are you sure you didn't just make this whole thing up as a good story???? ;-)

  10. Hurray for finding it....but yeah, that's a little strange.:)

  11. Aliens ate my camera and then spat it out into my couch!

    Glad to hear that it reappeared.

  12. Next time, say this prayer to St. Anthony:

    "St. Anthony, something is lost and must be found."

    Works (almost) every time.

  13. I think I'd check to make sure there aren't any compromising pics on it ....

  14. That is too funny!!!!

    Oh and you have been tagged!!!!!


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