Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Camera Unload

More attempt to catch up, and clear random photos out of the "To Blog" folder, and off of the laptop.

This photo was taken in a parking garage elevator last August, at O'Hare airport, before I put Brian on the plane back to Iraq. We had time to kill when we got to the airport, so we meandered over to the Gaslight Club at the O'Hare Hilton, to get a drink.

We were stopped at the door though, and the maitre' d pointing out that there was a dress code: No sleeves, no service. I tried to reason with him: "My son is going to Iraq; you won't let us in for a cup of coffee?" His terse response: HE can come in; YOU may not.

Hmph. God forbid someone see my arms. This is what the waitresses in the Gaslight wear, by the way:

If Brian had known that, he might have just left me and Clint on a bench and gone in for that drink on his own, eh?

The last Bizarre Food I tried. I love coconut, but this was YUCK.

Look what I found, at the same party as the quarter-butt game. It was (they were?) just sitting there on top of the refrigerator. Like I'm going to pass up THAT photo op; would YOU?

This is my office. Brian made that colorful little painting on my bulletin board, when he was 8 years old or so. Isn't he just precious?

Oh, that's me, and Clint's friend, Homer, bobbing for meatballs at a Halloween party last year, after a few bottles glasses of wine. I had never met the people that threw that party before that night. I haven't been invited back. I wonder why.

There's my garage. Last summer. It looks a lot like that now, only with boxes and boxes of care package stuff also.

That's it for now, there's plenty more to come, but they're scattered all over memory cards, computers, and jump drives.

Feel free to post your mundane photos, if you have any floating around.


  1. You should have warned me that your post was NSFW. I saw your arms for crying out loud. ;)

  2. HA HA HA -- I post mundane photos ALL THE TIME, you know!!!!


  3. That maitre'd is clearly not a wise man. If I were him I'd have been thinking to myself 'Would this soldier rather get back on a plane to go get shot at in Iraq? Or would he rather sit out the rest of the war in a comfortable jail for assaulting ME for harrassing his mom? Hmmm...
    "Right this way madam."

    He might not have walked home on the same unbroken legs he walked in on. Damn fool. Especially considering what a patriot you are!

  4. ChezBez: Sorry about that. Hope you had time to cover your children's eyes.

    Janet: I love your photos!

    Keyser: I should have clocked that guy, I know. Instead, I made a mental note to blog about him.

  5. Oh boy....LOL, you're life looks like a laugh a minute!!

    Love the butt game and the boobs you found...

    I'll be back for further entertainment :-)

  6. I would have said, "Oh yeah, is THIS better?" and then pulled up my shirt to flash everyone... but then again, I don't have boobs, either...

    Either that, or I woulda yelled at the waitress, "Hey sister, can I borrow your fishnets and pasties? Apparently I'm a little overdressed..."


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