Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Quarter-In-Your-Butt Game

I'm reminded, here and there, lately, that I haven't been blogging as much as I used to. Aye, I cannot deny it. I'm busier now, than I was a year ago, and by the time I can sit down and write, I'm braindead.

The truth is that I'm also having a ton of fun, and have enough blog fodder and photos to last me years. I am considering just inundating you with highlights, in order to get caught up. PowerBlogging, BAM-BAM-BAM!!! 100 Blogs in a day and I'll be caught up! Double dog dare me?

Well, I'll throw just one at you, for now.

I did manage to score this video for your viewing pleasure from a party we went to a few weeks ago, at Angie & Ryan's. Their first party in a big, heated garage they built last summer. There were 50+ in attendance, happy for a break from February cabin fever.

I can fit 4 of my house into this garage. It was large enough to clear space to play ladder golf (referred to as redneck golf, in these parts) on one side, get a darts tournamant going on the other, and hold mountain of food on yet another end.
Redneck golf game

If none of that thrilled you, you could have joined THIS group, in which Homer was teaching everyone a drinking game, involving putting a quarter in your butt, walking it over to a cup, and dropping it in. He's been telling me about this game for a year, but I'm so prone to being gullible that I'm often suspicious. I wouldn't bite.

Angie was game though, and proved to all of us that the sport is legit, AND that she rocks at it. So, to prove to you that I am out having fun (albeit at other's expense), I present to you:

Angie Playing the Quarter in Your Butt game:

I wisely waited until she had a few more glasses of wine before I asked her "do you mind if I blog that video?" Timing is everything, folks, she was all for it! Put it on the internet! Yay!

Can't you just hardly wait to see what else I have in store for you?!


  1. OMG that's funny! Who knew!?!

  2. stfarmer12:23 PM

    Fortunately?! Blocked videos at work prevents me from viewing. The quarter-in-your-butt game sounds like an embarasssing trip to the ER just waiting to happen.

  3. Ok. For those of you without video capabilities, Angie is completely dressed for this activity!

  4. stfarmer12:41 PM


  5. stfarmer12:42 PM

    Although... it seems like it might be more entertaining if she were naked.

  6. Yeah, well no offense to anyone, but if we play naked, you can keep your quarter, after the game.

  7. So funny! Thanks for the laugh today : )

  8. We call it "Hang Your Balls"

  9. Oh God, I could go soooo may ways with this one - but I'm just not going to...

  10. i gotta know the rules...
    do you drink beer from the cup after your butt releases the quarter into it? Perhaps if you are successful you get to chose who drinks from the butt-cup?



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