Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Back Due to Popular Demand: The Market Report

I've received hundreds of e-mail asking me to get back to blogging The Market Report, after slacking off last year, worrying that I'd run out of things to say about weekly vegetables.

Big lie. I didn't receive hundreds of email, but Wendy blogged about it, and that's the truth. I decided that there's something new and exciting at the market every week, and I might just as well show you what I see.

More often than not, vegetables aren't what makes me smile. I can't believe I don't know this guy's name, since his music and song make me smile every week. I can't get enough of watching fascinated little bebita's watching him. Plus, is that a new psychedelic tambourine? I'll have to review.

It's been a cold and rainy spring. Gardens are going in late, and I imagine farmers wait out what the home gardeners do. Ready-to-eat produce, right now, consists mostly of asparagus, fresh greens, and strawberries. Asparagus was sold out by the time we got a late start on Saturday (see 2 posts down for explanation).

Fresh greens are a weekly purchase. $6.50 a pound may sound like a lot, but a pound of greens is a LOT off greens. These are not your grocery store greens: they're fresh and crisp a week later, if you can keep from eating them in that time.

If you like strawberries, NOW is the time to get to the farmer's markets. We bought a quart for $5. Eat these fast; there's not a hard, green berry in the bunch. They're fresh and ready to go, and aren't likely to last a week, as the greens do.

Really. Who could wait a week?

There's a sprout booth, which I've only photographed, thus far. Little sprout lawns all laid out, and they'll mow off as much as you want to take home. There was quite a crowd over a sprout-juice machine. It delivered shots of very-green juice, that look...well, honestly, disgusting, but healthy. It looks like Popeye Juice, and I imagine myself having tons of energy, if I can screw up the nerve to do a shot. I'll beat my way to the front of the line next week, try it, and write a review.

A tiger!

I turned Clint on to hot tea & honey during the last sore throat season; it's another one of those subjects he has a hard time living down at the fire station. We'll be stocking up on local honey before next fall.

Support your local honey bee.

This precious lil bebeh gave me a giggle. Good for mama, for keeping him out of the sun. He's going to look so much younger, by the time he's 1.

Here's my fav photo of the week:

That's it for my first report. Tune in later for more market bounty, more pix, and the Popeye Juice report.

I yam what I yam.


  1. You've inspired me. I think I'm going to have to make a trip out to my farmers market on Sunday.

  2. That guy is Michael Powers.

    This is one of my favorite times of year, because I love strawberry shortcake! I do miss the Urbana Farmer's Market.

  3. Strawberries will be out here in about 3 weeks. I simply cannot wait.

  4. Yeah for the Urbana Farmers Market. It's one of my favorite things about CU.

  5. this is nice....I love the Popeye comment at the end...I had to read it a few times to get it though.

  6. YAYAYAYAY! Thank you so much. I needed that. Love these reports.

  7. Looks like a great place to spend the day. I wish we had one of these in my neighborhood.

  8. Another soldier's mother7:58 AM

    Hey Lori--Yes, his name is Mike Powers and I used to date him in high school. He had a head full of dark thick hair and he was the sweetest guy. See you at the market! xoxo--Your quilt maker

  9. LOVE these reports! Keep 'em coming, please!



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