Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Favor: Call for Pix

Someone sent me these photos, taken of the Friday morning festivities. It's a sweet series, and photos I didn't have before.

If you, or anyone you know came out on Friday with a camera in hand, anywhere along the motorcade route, I'd love to have copies of the photos you got. I missed everything at the starting point, and at all of the "checkpoints" along the way. These will all, eventually, go into a book (and onto a CD), and I'd love to have all I can get.

(Pulling up in the new wheels)

Thank you!


  1. Sorry about losing all those pictures... What a welcome home you guys gave him!

  2. Did he buy a Honda? That's the young warrior's dream car? Not a Camaro or pickup? If so, hurray for him!

  3. Larry: Yes, a Honda S2000. Don't know which year. He loves it.


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