Monday, April 27, 2009

Artists Against Aids 2009

Today is the last day of Artists Against Aids, 2009; you have until 7 p.m. to get out and purchase something cool.

Friday night was, as usual, one of the funnest nights of the year; it's become a reunion of sorts: We meet up with friends, gab about how we must get together soon...and don't see one another until the next AAA show. We *swear* we aren't going to do that again this year; we really ARE going to see each other again soon. We are!

My buddy Mark got a new camera last year, so he's my partner in photographic crime...and he's allowed me to get lazy at events that we attend together. Most of the photos that appear on this blog are his. This one, for instance:

As always, there was a great turnout on Friday night I finally got to meet Cynthia from The Sandwich Life, and her husband, Ernie:

They were already my friends; we just hadn't yet met. I had no doubt we would, someday, and now we can proudly claim AAA '09 as Our Anniversary.


Here's a piece of art that I didn't buy. Here's what I did buy.

My future-daughter-in-law-Courtney was in attendance. Oh, how I showed her off, and made her hug gobs of friends she'd never met. We aren't much for mere handshaking in our circle, no sirree. Some of my introductions went like this: "Courtney, this is Melissa, and she will be at the wedding." Hug-hug-hug.

Oh, there's Melissa now, standing behind Jim & Lori. They've only been married a year, and still can't keep their hands tongues off of each other.

Here's Mark, standing next to one of his photographic masterpieces.

And of course, it wouldn't be AAA without Atef Ayadi:

And it also wouldn't be AAA without one of us setting Atef straight. Photographic evidence suggests that it might have been me, this year.

God knows what we're talking about; I'm probably still trying to get it through his head that chickens do not produce milk. If you've ever met him, you'll merely nod your head, and think "yes, that's probably what she was doing."

A few more sidenotes about the weekend. I'm embarrassed that I have not yet acknowledged another friend that sent jewelry to me, to submit, by proxy, into the show. Momma Dee placed these pieces in the show, pieces that seemed to have been sold by the time we arrived early Friday evening.

Yay, Momma Dee, thanks for supporting the cause

Another fun aspect to the weekend was that our friend D drove down from Chicago to attend the show and spend the weekend. How bizarre it is to feel like I can either share that with you OR I can post photos that he appears in, but I'm scared to do both, for fear of jeapordizing Clay's career, due to Don't Ask, Don't Tell. I know this isn't a political post, but here's a piece of art featured in the show that portrays exactly what I think of this:

Sadly, Clint had to work and couldn't attend on Friday night, but we returned Saturday night for a look around. Also, I didn't get photos of these friends this year, so I'm shamelessly recycling this photos from last year's blog. Zia, Kaye, & Kristy:

Except Kristy wasn't there, as she met with a terrible accident and broke both of her ankles. At least, you see, that is the story I was told, and promptly ran around telling everyone I knew. Poor Kristy would not be attending this year, and that is why.

It turned out that she didn't break both ankles, but she did break two bones in one ankle, which is the same thing, right? Kaye did show up, and spent the evening setting everyone straight on the rumor that I started

Actually Diane started it. She was there also, but she cut out early due to having just had hernia surgery, and that's the truth.

And I'll close with a little mystery to the evening, and I'll try to be discrete. I received a "confessional" text on my cell phone Friday night. I don't know who it was from, and I was flummoxed about how to respond: Was it meant to be an admission, in confidence? Was it a practical joke? Was it even meant for me? In the end, I sent back a lame-o, "who is this?" and haven't heard back. What would you have done? And if it WAS you, I'm sorry I was such a tool in responding

Anyway, few more hours to catch some good art, get off work and stroll over there. If you don't make it, we'll see you next year, a'ight?

More photos of the evening can be viewed here.


  1. Anonymous3:01 AM

    Great report!
    AAA is a definate highlight of my year every year...great to give a hand up to those in need and spread the good vibes... and to see all y'all's smiling faces ~~ bonus ! bonus !
    I'll PM on the Grrls pm

  2. It was WONDERFUL to meet you.....looking forward to seeing you in person again!!

  3. StFarmer11:52 AM

    If it was an "I think you're the best thing since sliced bread" confession then it could have been me. If it was anything other than that, it was definitely not me.

  4. Looks like sooo much fun!

    Wow - I love the addition of Mark's photos because we get to see you in all your smiley glory! It's like I was there watching you guys! Sooo neat!

    I wish Kristy and Di speedy recoveries!

  5. Next year, please bid 75 cents for the growling flower for me. It's worth FAR MORE and I love it FAR MORE than that (I mean, it's a Growling Flower ~ seriously) but it's all I've got right now and I don't want to commit more than that when I still don't know what the finances will look like then. Thank you.

    ~ the Boston Pobble


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