Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy 50th, Big Tim Stud

My brother in law turned 50 today, and my sister threw a big party for him tonight.

As he put it: If life begins at 40, then he's only 10 years old.

That's about right.

Happy Birthday, Bro. Here's to the next 50.

(More party pix to be uploaded tomorrow.)


  1. Wow. As usual, everywhere you go, good times are had by all. He's two days behind me and two years ahead of me. I hope my 50th is as fun as his looks!

  2. StFarmer8:07 AM

    Belated birthday wishes! Oh to be 50 again...

  3. Ha! That last picture is made me smile and make my glasses crooked in solidarity. :-)

  4. Perfect day for a birthday! (and not because I share it or anything. . .)

    In two years, I hope somebody throws me a party as fabulous as he got.

  5. Geewits: Come on over, we have a mexican restuarant that will do it up right!

    St. Farmer: I'll send him your sentiments.

    Farmgirl: You have to mess up your hair, too.

    Trueself: Get some cake, some streamers, and 40 of your best friends and family, and you're good.

  6. Oh, wish him from my side too...lot many of such celebrations and laughter and fun!

    And, on the last pic, somebody leaning on the bro seems totally drunk :D

  7. Happy belated birthday Big Tim you handsom stud you...

  8. Those pictures made me smile. Happy birthday to Tim!


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