Thursday, April 30, 2009

Photo Dump Day

It's Photo Dump Day, Kiddies, and here's #1:

There's Kurt, sweeping up flower petals at the front door yesterday morning. This tree is usually gorgeous for a couple of weeks each summer, but high winds and lots of rain have left it bare of petals almost as they blossomed. Think of doing your hair all up, and then stepping out into a tornado. Same thing, this poor tree.

This concludes Photo Dump Day, as I accidentally reformatted my memory card yesterday, in the process erasing all of my photos.

I snagged a shot of that tree from last year, though, when it was in its glory.

That's all folks. We are off to St. Louis in the morning, to begin preparing for Jen & Bill's wedding, on Saturday. I'm stupid excited, new dress, new shoes, new control-top everything!

Everything's ready to go, and I set this evening aside for a Spa Manicure AND a Spa Pedicure. They are capitalized here, because I was So Excited. I had an appointment with the same salon that botched the last pedicure, and gave me all of my $ back. A second chance, we are going to get this right!!!

I tra-la-la'd into the lobby tonight, happy as a lark...only to have the clerk at the front desk inform me that my technician had gone home sick.

That's fine. Who would be taking her place, then?

Well. Um.

No one. I could reschedule, though, "sorry."

They HAD, they pointed out, left a message on my answering machine 3 hours before.

When I was at work.

I was NOT a happy camper; I was, in fact, LIV.ID. when I left the salon. No, I did not throw the fit I felt like throwing, what could they do, pull a technician out of a lamp?

Well, I did throw that fit, a little bit. I called poor Clint, and said "#$%#@#$%#@%#$@%." And then I went racing over to the reliable, stand-by, "Walk-ins Welcome" place that charges 1/3 of what the salon charges. Frustrated at missing out on my spa experience, I walked in and ordered the works.

Nyeh, stupid expensive salon!

Take that!

I'm happy now. I have the minty-est fresh toes in town.


  1. Have fun! I have no comment on the whole spa thing because I can't even imagine letting strangers touch my hands, feet or put weird stuff on me, but I'm odd like that.

  2. As someone who spa-days it regularly (or did at one time in my life) this salon needs to be done. Give it the "it's not you, it's me" speech (because we all know that really means, "yeah, it's you"). Stop returning its calls. Attend parties you where you know it will be with other salons. To not have given you another tech is outrageous.

    Enjoy the weekend and your minty-fresh toes.

  3. Oooh...minty! Love that.
    And I HATE it when my memory card gets wiped out...aaaarrrrgh. That seriously causes me physical pain. It's happened to me TWICE in the last 5 months. Poor you.
    Nice pic of the raking dude, though.

  4. Oh, yes, you did the absolute right thing Lori.These walk in salons can be really good. I have a few on my list and they keep me happy.Been ages I went to a spa !

    Have a great time at the wedding lady and PLEASE dont accidentally reformat anything. We want to see the pics of the good times you had :)

  5. Pobs: I have $300 worth of services on a gift card for this place, which is why I keep trying to get back there. They have a good reputation, I think I've just been SOL every time I show up.

    KYA: I have adopted a little walk-in place on the campus here; the prices are right, and the services outstanding. They fixed me up good, in my emergency!

    Farmgirl: I'm usually pretty good about unloading pix to my computer, I just don't erase the card until they're permanent. I don't think I lost toooooo many photos.

    Geewits: I used to feel like that...but as I age, I'm all for it: give me the pampering, do whatcha gotta do!

  6. Stupid SPA, anyway. No excuse for that. Glad you got help; I must try the mint-goo treatment sometime this summer.


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