Monday, April 20, 2009

Upcoming: Artists Against Aids

A quick reminder, Artists Against Aids is next weekend. I've been attending this gala for years, and have written about it every year since I've been blogging (here and here and here).

After choosing and sizing and manipulating photos, we got together yesterday to finalize our entries for the show. We recently bought a fancy new printer, and the fancy printer paper that goes with it promises that the photo color will be true for ONE HUNDRED YEARS. No more Walgreens photo processing for us.

Clint entered 1 photo, I entered 2, and friend Mark was the big winner, with 14 framed pieces. We met at 1:00 yesterday afternoon, intent on finishing up our printing, shopping for frames and mats, and throwing them together by 4:00, when the doors opened for registration.

Har, har, how naive we were, silly procrastinators. Mark and I dragged our photos into Michael's, trying on frames, choosing mats, and deciding that some might work better if we reprinted them when we got home. We didn't even get back to the house until 4:00, to dig into the real meat of the project!

Of course, that could have been due to a bit of goofing off at Michael's too. It's so easy to lose track of time, when there are hats to be tried on.

Back to work soon enough, though:

Doh! At one point I heard a sickening crack, and turned around to find that Mark had dropped his knee down on the glass of the most expensive frame we purchased.

Not a good moment in the day, but we are nothing if not resilient. We were out the door by, um, 8 p.m., to take our goods for registration. Only 4 hours later than we'd anticipated. We put in our 3 pieces,

and helped Mark registered his mountain of stuff.

We wandered the room a bit, checking out the entries, and chatting with acquaintances.

(Clint's back there in the back, on the right, with a ball cap on. See him? He's so cute.)

We left the Orpheum theater right at 9 pm., the close of registration for the day, and zipped to the Esquire for a celebratory pizza. We did it! We are contributing Art-teests to this year's show!

There's a lot of magnificent stuff there, already, and with the close of the Boneyard Arts Festival last night, they expect tonight to be the big night for entries.
I hope you'll check in for the art, and for the cause next weekend. Friday night is opening night, and it's a gala I look forward to every year. Free wine (tips are appreciated), and snacks, and a lot of good friends. I'll go back on Saturday, and probably again on Sunday...and maybe on Monday to get a better look at the art, and to watch the progress of the show.
Artists Against Aids

Friday April 24th: 6-10 pm
Saturday April 25th: from 1-10 pm
Sunday April 26th: from 1-7 pm
Monday April 27th: from 1-7 pm


  1. I'm soooo disappointed I missed that night with you and Mark, getting stuff sorted out.. I bet I shot at least 1 good photo too that could have been entered..But the good news is.. I'm going.. I don't care.. I'm gonna go.. not missing this event after 8 years of going..huh..forget it.. see ya there!!!

  2. I can't wait....always one of our favorite nights!

  3. Have I told you recently how Really Freaking Cool You Are???????????

    My God, woman. Can I be you when I grow up? Please?

  4. Another notch in your "cool things in life" you've done!

  5. Which entry was yours? I am guessing the sunflowers! Neat.

    The scene of that broken frame was not good. But it is so great the way you all got your job done no matter what. Super.

    Dod anyone tell you how cool that hat looks on you?? I hope you bought it. Seriously :)

  6. Di: Late entry, go for the late entry!

    Sandwich: Oh, I hope I see you there!

    Pobs: No. You didn't tell me. Tell me more.

    Dick: This is a feel-good cool thing.

    AlwaysHappy: haha, no, I didn't buy that hat. I'm not sure I have an outfit it would go with.

  7. You are an arteeeeest... I bow down before you.

  8. :)

    You Are Too Freaking Cool For Words. Were I to try and write as a character, my editor wouldn't allow it because no one would possibly believe her.

    How's that?



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