Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Art Night, Movie Stars, and Smoked Fish

Hey, this night is bigger than New Year's Eve for me, so you get a report. It was a packed house. The pics above would have been impossible to take on Friday night, so I went back on Saturday to get a few snaps. These shots don't begin to do the place justice. There are 2 floors, a few rooms, and the old bank vault full of jewelry.

We dressed up. This is a fun little city but if you dress to the nines, you're bound to be overdressed no matter where you go. On Artists Against Aids Night, anything goes. No one blinks an eye at stripey tights or evening gowns.

That's MovieStahhh Momo, bundled up in Mikey's jacket. Doesn't she look glamorous?

Hubba hubba, there's Mikey in a tie!

There's me. I prepared for this photo shoot by drinking 85 dixie cups of free red wine.

Them dogs are barkin! Mel takes a break after 6 hours in stiletto's.

Ilaiy couldn't be there on opening night, but he showed up Saturday.
I TOLD you Atef swings you around when he sees you! Here's photographic proof.

In attendance also were close friends Diane, Kaye, Kristy, and Dana. And a little hole in my heart, I miss one of my best friends, Becky. It was with her that I first dressed up and painted the town red at this show, so many years ago. She and hubby up and moved to Tucson without my permission. Missed ya girl!

The party aspect of it's all well and good, but of course we were there for a cause. We did leave with art in hand, the purchase of which was win-win for everyone: GCAP made some money, an artist made some money, and we brought home something beauty-ous.

My purchase this year was glass. A clown fish. A vase. I contemplated that glass fish for awhile. I made note of it, checked out the rest of the show and came back to it. I asked Melissa, "yes, but...does it look at all like a bong?" She laughed and assured me it did not.

The staff carefully packed my fish up for me in bubblewrap and stuffed it into a Van's shoebox. Show over, we went hopping on over to Cafe Kopi...

...sauntering past a cafe table where THE John Malkovich happened to be dining. And sauntering back again. And, ever the goober, maybe-just-once-more, how often do we see a celebrity in our space, for heaven's sake?

We headed home somewhere around 1:30, walking past a tableful of good ol' boys from Tennessee, that wanted to know why I was carrying a shoebox. Ever jovial, I was happy to open the box and show off my beautiful purchase:

Our new gentlemen friends were very supportive and enthusiastic:

WHOO HOO! YOU BOUGHT A BONG!!! they yelled, and proceeded to pass my fish around and pretend to smoke out of it.


  1. It's official ~ I want to be you when I grow up.

  2. I love your new bong, I mean glass piece.

  3. Nice bong. ;)

    Where'd they put the carburator on it?

  4. That is an "expensive artistic" bong .. Well it was a fun and a wonderful fest ..

    I loved the paintings they are Fascinating..

    I missed the first day but I wish I was there ..


  5. Sounds (and looks) like an amazing night. Did the fish come with a disclaimer that it's intended only for legal purposes?

  6. Hey, I'm a good ol' boy from Tennessee. I see that those aforementioned good ol' boys from Tennessee represented my state well. ;)

    Absolutely beautiful pics. And why so many dixie cups to get a shot of you? You're fantastically luminous.

  7. Sounds like a great time.

    I am from TN too and I would have said that.

  8. BP: Do NOT grow up. I forbid you!

    Crazed You: Thank you. It is not a bong.

    Wil: Thank you. It is not a bong.

    Ilaiy: Thank you. It is not a bong. Yes, the paintings were great!

    Wendy: What illegal thing could I possibly do with a vaahhhhhs?

    ChezBez: Those boys DID represent you well, there's MORE to the story, for a later blog. They were chivalrous! And, I feel luminous just HEARING the word luminous. Shucks.

    Awe: You crazy Tennesee-ans! It is not a bong!


  9. It was a fantastic night! What a blast! I can't imagine many more things happening in just one night...

    Those guys were fantastic. I have never been less scared of a group of large, drunk men...I just felt safe.

    I love the fishy's puckery mouth.

    Seeing John Malkovich was very exciting for me and my small, little life!!

  10. John Malkovich came to Artists Against AIDS? Why, oh why did I move to Tucson? (or is it simply a Celebrity Popularity Point?)

    I wish I could have been there.

    I don't think your fish looks anything like a bong. Maybe I've never seen a bong. What do I know?

  11. Momo: I like how he didn't chase you away from his table when you shoved your tongue down his throat. I mean, told him you admired his work. I'm sorry, I was thinking of John Cusack.

    Becky: No imposter; he was here for the Ebert Overlooked Film Festival. And we stalked him at Radio Maria. And Bacaro. But then we left him alone. Really.

  12. Did the 85 glasses of wine give you those red eyes!

  13. No, Dogbait...I'm a Sheeee-Devilllll!!!

  14. That looks like it was great fun!!! Cool pics.

  15. Hrm. Your pictures make me wish I lived in Chicago again so I could stalk you. Sounds like a fun night.


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