Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bring On the Epson Salt

Yesterday I worked in my yard, which is barely larger than a postage stamp. 7 hours. 7 HOURS, with time out only for a quick trip out to buy a hose reel.

I picked up sticks and mowed. I raked leaves and pine needles out of crannies. I pruned bushes. I spray painted my new mailbox, put shiny new numbers on it and installed it. (Ok, I had help with the installation, I was too weenie to unscrew the bolts from the old one.)

I put the lawn furniture out.

I hacked a path, with a hand saw, between 2 bushes, so that my new hose reel would have a place to rest:

I hoe'd up the patches in the grass, weaseled in the new grass seed, and had a stern talk with the birds, asking them not to eat it.

I seeded a wild flower bed. Ok, it's more of a wild-flower "strip," but I seeded it, and tried to put the peat-chip-moss stuff back where I found it.

And at days' end, with a garage full of yardwaste that has to be dealt with, my yard looks...fine.

That's it. Just...fine. I mean, it hardly looks any different than it did when I started! How can this be? Where is my floral oasis?!!!

This is nothing like those Makeover Home Shows at all! I am an AMERICAN! I want INSTANT GRATIFICATION!! I DEMAND


Basil! Little tiny baby basil that I planted 2 weeks ago! VWAH-hoo! Weet-weet! Houston, we have BASIL!!! Pesto, here we come! Oh boy o boy o boy!!!

I can hardly wait til next Saturday.


  1. Look at that basil!! Can I come over for pesto?

    I think your yard looks great!

  2. Basil....THAT'S what I haven't planted yet! Isn't it gonna be wonderful to have fresh basil to pick, whenever you want? It's one of my favorite things to grow.

    BTW, I think your yard looks really nice, too...and I'm SURE all your hard work shows more than you think it does!


  3. I like your hose-reel-thingy-ma
    -bobber. That's really neat.

    I'm betting that all of your hard work has paid off. Good job, Lori.

  4. And *I* whined about moving dirt? Dude...

    A friend of mine once gave me seeds and a window box. She helped me plant everything and taught me how and when to water. And I did so. Then one morning, I was looking at my box of dirt and I realized there was something in it. I said, out loud "What the hell is in my box of dirt???!!!?" and plucked it. Luckily for me, the roots gave away the fact that I had actually *grown* something and didn't just have a box of dirt any longer so I left the rest alone and they grew quite nicely.

    See why I'm in awe of you?

  5. june in florida10:57 AM

    Dont forget to plant tomatoes and then ask Deborah to send you some goat cheese and mushrooms, a little fresh ground black pepper and your basil, yum yum.

  6. Mmmmm. Basil. I need me some PESTO!!

  7. If you hoed up the patches in the grass, does that make you a hoer? Sorry, couldn't resist. I am constantly amazed at what it takes to get the garden and lawn nice. I don't enjoy it, personally, but I love for it to look nice. You have motivated me. I'm VERY impressed.

    (Let me know how the pesto is!)

  8. mmmmm basil and fresh tomato...some slices of boccincini and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar!

    Hell, I'm on my way!

  9. Seems lots of folks are blogging about yardwork...what about an astro-turf yard? ;)

    Sleepy? the word verification is nodszof

  10. I have 4 empty large planters, two tiki torches to get mounted and a box of seeds, how much have I done..nada-nothing! I think I will put on some classic Eagles or maybe Billy Joel and hit the patio this weekend! Maybe bribe the children to help. Thanks for the motivation!

  11. PP: Pesto won't be ready when you're visiting, but MAYBE I can bring some when I visit in June!

    Janet: I'm with you; love having basil on hand, and it's outrageous at the grocery store.

    Momo: Thanks. It's reel-y cool.

    BP: I swear, I have repeated that story three times today already. I laughed my haid off!

    June: Oh, that fresh goat cheese; think she'd barter with me?

    Holly: PESTO! Coming right up!

    Wendy: We pronounce that "hoor" in this neck of the woods (and don't mind if I do!)

    Tai: I had to look up boccininciini-nini, and I found out, it looks very good! Thanks for making me salivate.

    Barry: Nodzof was my middle name after a weekend full of yardwork; Sunday I did Mom's place. Astro-turf, indoor-outdoor carpeting, whatever it takes.

    Jodie: It was a book on tape that kept me on track. Mindless fluff: The Devil Wears Prada.

  12. Nice yard. The hard work will pay off for the summer.


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