Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Brian Called!

Hoo-rah! I got to talk to Brian for a good 20 minutes on Sunday afternoon. I've otherwise only had one 4-minute phone call from him; I have to share his phone time with his Dad.

I was in Walmart with my mother when his call came through. Have you taken a phone call in any Walmart, ever? No reception! Here's me* trying to get outside before I lost his call:

Yup, that's me all right, though somewhat falsely represented: I wasn't jumping hurdles. I was clearing shopping karts and toddlers effortlessly though, all the while telling Brian, "keep talking, don't waste our minutes!"

If I'd have known I had more than 4 minutes, I might not have acted such the spaz.

It was great to have a real conversation with him. Yeah, yeah, he knows all about my life, so I quizzed him about his. He opened up once I began interrogating, and I managed to learn a lot about his new life, in a short time. It may all be so inconsequential, but it's all I got!

Sunday was his first pass. He was in heaven, drinking a Mountain Dew. He otherwise drinks only water there.

At 4:30 in the morning, they are awakened by drill sargeants screaming "TOES ON THE LINE!!" and they have mere seconds to get up and their toes on the line. How rude.

He has physical training immediately after. He wears shorts and a t-shirt. Good, he won't get overheated.

After PT, he has 15 minutes to shower, shave, dress, and make his bed dime-bouncing tight. Brian makes his bed? I can hardly wrap my mind around it.

I only choked up once:

"Sundays." He said it like a complete sentence, before he went on.

"I'm living with 170 pissed-off guys. Everyone wants to be better than everyone else, everyone's a prick. Nothing but testosterone, 6 days a week," he said.

"Sundays is phone day. Mom, on Sundays, it's 170 guys crying."

My breath catches in my throat as I hear this, but I am determined to move on. We talk about it. Yes. They cry, we cry, but it's so much better after talking, hearing one another's voices. Some of those men have wives and children, don't they?

Yes. And some of these "men" are still babies. One of his roommates is 17 years old. "I'm just a kid, but this kid is REALLY a kid," he tells me and says, "I can't imagine being here at 17." We talk about that for a few minutes. 17 vs. 20.

"Am I writing too much?" I asked him. A resounding NO, I do not write too much. There can not be enough mail, they LOVE the mail. Their drill sargents randomly withheld their mail for 3 days last week, and they all found it devastating. Mail, mail, send mail, love the mail, is the message I get.

And some other stuff about clothes, food, friends, families; we covered a lot of territory, and we got in lots of I love you's. For some reason, I don't think he cried after he hung up.

Bye now; gotta go write a letter.

*I lied. That's not really me. It's Tiara, from www.beavertontrackclub.org. I have absolutely no permission to use this photo, and beg Tiara's forgiveness if she finds her photo here.


  1. I am so happy for him .. He is a wonderful person and a brave person ..


  2. Usually, after bootcamp, they have very little time to get to their next training assignment. So he might not make it home.

    But when you do see him again, your "mind's eye" will still see your baby but your reality check will be the amazement at the MAN standing in front of you.

    I am sure you are going to try and make it to his Bootcamp graduation. What a shock that is going to be!
    = = = = = = =

    Change of subject,

    Today's word verification is:

    Does anyone else try to make words or phrases (acronyms) out of these?

  3. Whoo-HOO!!!!!!!!!! God, I remember my first phone call and how much better I felt after it. I hope you feel as much joy as I did.

    And, Wil ~ I try to make phrases out of the wrod verifications, as well. I'm stuck on the B(oston)P(obble) at the end of yours, though.

  4. such good news. what an amazing boy, your Brian. an amazing man. Can't wait to meet the results.

  5. your pfile says that you're a textbook compositor/artist... we want to see/know more... :)

  6. I am so happy for your phone call.My Brian had few remarks about some of the guys there too.Take care.

  7. Aw, man. I was so happy until the crying. I'm glad you got 20 mintues. He is becoming a man, but aren't they all boys? Sigh.

  8. The 170 guys crying still gets me.

    It's really great that he's getting a little more freedom and could get hyped on the Dew. I love that stuff!!

    I'm so glad you two got to talk for a while.

  9. Very touching my dear. Good for you both.

  10. Ilaiy: Braver than I am, he is.

    Wil: He's supposedly gets 10-14 days off between stints, more if he can arrange hometown recruiting. I won't bank on either, don't want to get my hopes too high.

    My mind went blank on your word verification; what did you get?

    BPobs: I did feel great after talking to him. I was so distracted that I actually returned my kart to the kart return, with my purse in it!! I ran back to the Wally World and some angel had turned it in. What a day!

    SS: I'm excited too!

    BBBoy: Ok, I'll blog about my job, give me a few days to embellish and make it more interesting than it is...

    Betty: Thanks for the emails!

    Wendy: Good point, all boys. God bless 'em!

    Momo: Bet he got quite a buzz on that Dew, after 6 weeks with no caffeine/sugar.

    Andy: Hi Andy.

  11. ltspgbp

    Lets Page Boston Pobble


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