Saturday, May 20, 2006

One of Those Days

"One of those days"
usually refers to a hectic day in which everything goes haywire, doesn't it? But Saturday was one of those days in which everything was very nice. One of THOSE days. Satisfying and wonderful.

Not a leisurely day. I'm remodeling, and painting, and yardwork doesn't wait, so I had to squeeze that in also.

Nicety #1. The Farmer's Market.

Nicety #2: I picked up this planter at a garage sale for $2. I will fill it with blooming somethings and put it on a tabletop.

Nicety #3: As I was contemplating how to take down an awning I'd put up for last weekend's Mother's Day cookout, I had drop-in guests: the Gods delivered 2 strapping young men to my house for a hello, and I put them to work!

Nicety #4: I talked to my Grandmother on the phone.

Nicety # 5: I talked to my son on the phone, for a good long time.

Nicety #6: I was wrapping up the painting when MORE friends dropped by. Atef, and Dana, bearing these cool retro glasses that they had picked up at a sale, just for me:

Now I must to learn to make a mixed drink! Something straight up, on the rocks, over easy, sunny side up! I have to serve something cool in these glasses!

(Nicety # 7) A kickass dinner from with my farmer's market purchases: A piece of a baguette with homemade goat cheese, tomatoes, and basil broiled on top, and a salad on the side.

(Nicety #8) That little guy pictured at the top was hopping and screaming his little froggy head off as I came a bit too close to him with the lawnmower this morning. I captured him in gloved hands (no warts for me!) and carried him to the so-called pond (aka muckhole eyesore) across the street. I gave him a lecture about lawnmowers before I released him.

It was a busy day, full of hard work and a few accomplishments, yet laced with so many niceties, that I could not help setting down at days' end with a great sense of contentment. A lucky one, I am.


  1. I dearly love those days.

  2. The feeling of you have achived what you wanted is just amazing ..


  3. Sounds terrific. Gotta love it. You know what would be great in those glasses?

  4. Nicety #6
    I remember these as a kid. Common in the late '50's & early '60's.

    Fill with ice cubes, add a shot of gin, fill to top with tonic water, squeeze in juice from LIME wedge and then add wedge to drink. Kick off shoes, sit down, relax and sip away.

    Very refreshing on a hot summer afternoon.

  5. BP: They're grand, aren't they?

    Ilaiy: You would know, basking in all of your achievments right now, Mr. Hawg ridahhhhhhh

    Wendy: I'm going to find and purchase this stuff, even if it requires online ordering. I'll put my fat ass in a chair and drink my fat ass in a glass.

    Wil: Gin & tonic in the afternoon. There goes my day...well...ok.

  6. What a nice day! Glad you talked to Brian. And I love your new planter and glasses. How neat! I need to go garage saleing (how in the heck do you spell that?) with you guys...


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