Monday, May 29, 2006

Random Sitings

It's been a busy, busy weekend. We rented a van and ran the streets in Chicago on Saturday, 6 of us meeting 2 more for dinner, I will write more about that day later. Sunday was Lunch with Mama, a graduation party, and dinner later, with friends. Today, I'm trying to restore a little order in the house, so I can get back to finishing up painting the sunroom. Carpet to come, and then you'll get photos, just you wait. In the meantime, here are a few snaps from Saturday's trip.

This was at a gas station between Champaign and Chicago. A godforsaken bathroom, as I remember, and I wonder what made the owners decide to install this particular machine, over one that say, sells aspirin and tampons. How many women get in there, and think, "I stink. Loan me a quarter." I wonder if you get a squirt or a cloud, but someone had penned "out of order" across the top, so maybe I'll never know.

In Chicago, Clark Street. An interesting combination of wares. I'd wager you won't find a gravy boat in your particular pattern here, but maybe you can still register.

This clearance sign appeared on an viaduct. I'm completely perplexed.

For some reason this sign amuses me every time I see it. It seems so awkward, on first viewing.

Revised P.S.: Browse through Barry's Baghdad Blog for more interesting signs. And then some.


  1. Great signs! Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Can't wait to hear more...

  2. I "collect" signs as well. Love them for some reason. These are all great. We had a bridal registry at the porn store ~ and people used it!

  3. Aw man...does that mean I have to take that man off the top of my car finally??

    Jeeze..."sign sign everywhere a sign"!

  4. I love these kinds of signs.

  5. Wendy: Stay tuned for food pix.

    BPobs: I should have asked you first! You are a fount of porn-store wisdom. I imagine those target booper-guns, with couple walking around and making their registry choices electronically.

    Tai: Take the man down, or turn around; you were warned! Do this, don't do that, can't you read the....thanks, that song will be in my head for days.

    Barry: Doh! I meant to reference you in the blog, I know you love these. Ok. Your turn.

  6. Barry Again: There. I did it.

  7. What a great start for a Tuesday morning back at work...reading your signs! I think the viaduct warning sign is my favorite, although I join you in being perplexed!!!

    Glad you had such a good weekend!



  8. Those are great!!

  9. Wow a reference to me! Man I gotta find more signs now!

  10. I'm heartbroken that the 'smell-pretty' machine was out of order. Which would you have selected? At our small town carwash, there's a similar machine for your car with your choices being: vanilla, cherry or musk. I've never been brave enough because, while it's easy to wash the stink off me, getting the smell of dropped ice cream cone, dropped cherry sno-cone or sex out of my car would be a bit more arduous.

  11. To bad you didn't get a picture of the condom machine. You know the one that says "For her enjoyment."

  12. Go, Barry, Go!

    Janet: I'm hoping for an explanation...

    Diana: Those car things always remind me of bathroom sanitizer disk things hanging in toilets. Yuck! I promise to pull over next trip, and give the thing a shot.

    Awe: Rest assured, I DID ask the boys if there were any exciting machines in their bathroom, that I should photograph. I swear someone's going to grab my camera from my hands and stomp it into smithereens one of these days.

  13. No one's going to take your camera away! I'm right there with you:

    Lori, take a picture of that one! Did you see that one? How about...

    that one?!


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