Monday, May 22, 2006


Contents of an email that I received from my friend Jennie, in Brooklyn:

I was sweeping the kitchen floor, and I moved the rolling cart to sweep underneath it, and what was lying there?

A little starfish.


  1. Nice weekend of posts! Glad everything went well. Sorry we missed each other's calls. I got lots done on the boat and had a very good time as well. Movie with Bren (over the hedge - quite funny), boat work, good gig & party Saturday night, sold two paintings and spent yesterday partying at the boat club, the bicycling and diner with Bren. All in all quite relaxing.

  2. Your friend didn't used to be a mermaid did she?

  3. Andy: TYVM. Nice to hear your weekend was grand.

    Awe: Not that I know of, but I'll ask to be sure.

  4. That is so odd! But what a fun find...

  5. Should be luck to find a star fish ..I wish I could find a pot of gold under my bed ..



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