Saturday, April 26, 2008

Artists Against Aids: The Party

Ok, here are a few highlights from the party aspect of the evening. We've gathered together for years, always looking forward to seeing the same beloved friends, meeting new ones (and *ahem* missing a few that may have moved North Carolina...) Here we all are, then:

Melissa, Diane, and Moi

Zia, Kaye, and Kristy
(The 6 women in the 2 pictures above constitute our Girls Dinner Night group)

Some spotted legs I spotted. I love good tights!

Melissa and Clint, Pinkies Up with the white wine. Clint's more of a Miller Lite guy, actually. In fact, we think this was the first glass of wine he ever had. I am going to catch holy hell from his work buds, who like to tease me that I've had so much influence on him that they don't know him anymore. He, or I, will never live down this photo. Even Melissa kept commenting to him, "it's just not working; it just seems wrong."

This is me, with my first glass of white wine. And Clint's. And Diane's.

Mel knows how to load up a party plate!

Clint, Me, Diane

Can there be an AAA without Atef Ayadi? I don't think so.

SNAKE! Ok, I did have enough liquid courage to ask a girl, at the end of the night, if I could try on her snake. I didn't really think that request through too thoroughly, and this really was my initial reaction. Gah! I managed to pose for one more shot before I had to get that thing off of me.

Di loved the exit sign over this door, so we tagged it on our way out.

For more photos of the evening, Check out The Artists Against Aids Gallery on my Smugmug account.


  1. I have been reading you for too long. I was scrolling down and then I saw a familiar face and I was all like "Oh, yay! Atef!" before I read who it was. AAA looks like fun!

  2. Looks like fun! Maaaaybe next year [fingers crossed]...

    I can't believe you had that snake around your neck! Wowwwww!

    Love the painting and the jewels!

  3. I LOVE the way you blogged about this event!
    I feel like I was there!

    I wish I would have caught up on your blog sooner though! I have a gigantic gift basket that's just dying to be dontated!
    Give me a heads up if you ever do something like this again!

  4. Maybe you could trade the necklace for the snake???

  5. I did a little wine myself this weekend. I am now working part time for a winery. You need to come to SC and check it out. My wife would have died with that snake on her.

  6. THANK YOU! (you know why)

  7. Anonymous1:50 PM

    What fun!
    So great to see everyone!
    Like the painting you chose!


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