Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fundraiser Tidbits

I just want to remind you all that the fundraiser for my sister is Sunday afternoon, from 1 to 5.

Teri Pittman Benefit

I have to let others take a bow on this one; Teri's friends have gone above and beyond, while we deal with other issues and responsibilities at home. Teri's not feeling so hot. Mom is a little more stressed, and thus more anxious and confused; daily visits and phone calls, and a bit of extra time maintaining order in her home has been necessary.

I've shown up to a few planning meetings, but I have to admit: As much as everyone does for Teri right now, I've let them "carry me" on this one too. Looking for auction items and raffle prizes--honestly--I can't fathom when I'd have had time to do that, over the last few weeks. I feel a little schmucky for that, but I'm letting go of that too; there are rare times in life when one just has to say, "Yes. Thank you. I'll take your help."

So, now there's a list a mile long of prizes and auction items. Motorcycle jackets and pies, gym memberships and hair care baskets will all be up for grabs.

There is a cool item on the Silent Auction Block that I'd like to bring to your attention: Friend, fellow blogger, and author Pauline Trent has offered up a character in her next book! Details:



YOU can be a character in Pauline Trent's upcoming novel, Heart of Lambert Falls!

The second in the series, YOUR name, career, and physical description will be worked into her second novel. "You" will appear in at least 2 scenes, and interact with at least one of the five main characters in the book.

YOU will be mentioned in the book's acknowledgements

YOU will receive a personally inscribed and autographed copy of the novel upon publication

Legal MumboJumbo:

The character you buy will, of course, be fictional, and not you, really. The character will based on you in regards to name and likeness only. Still, the author promises to make you a pretty likeable guy or gal.

If you win this auction, you may reappear in subsequent novels in the Lambert Falls series, without any subsequent compensation.

You will be asked to sign a statement saying that the above 2 requirements are all-righty with you. Buy it, sign it, and be famous!


How fun is that?!!

If you're interested in appearing in a novel, come on out Sunday and place your bid! Martin Fuentes, owner of the El Toro and El Torero restaurants is supplying all of the food, so tacos, beans, and rice will fill you up while you buy your raffle tickets, dance a dance or two, and cough it up for a good cause!

If you can't make it (or cough it), be sure to stop by the message center and send a "hey" to Teri; she's feeling a little garbage-y as of today, and all of your well-wishes lift her spirits like crazies!


  1. Totally off topic, but did "the world move" for you this morning??

  2. Wil, YES. The quake shook my bed enough to wake me up; scared me to death, thought someone had broken in the house (I watch too much TV).

    Quake #2 just hit, while I sit at work; monitor jumping all over the desk, girls squawking and hooting, oh the chaos!


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