Friday, April 25, 2008

Teri Pittman Benefit: The Warrior

Mica Witt, not pictured here, was the primary force behind Teri's benefit; it was her baby from the get-go, and she worked her backside off, putting this thing together in 5 week's time. Once she got the ball rolling, there were plenty of others that joined forces with her to help out.

Halfway during the benefit, Mica took the stage, and announced that she herself had been diagnosed with Leukemia 6 months before Teri was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Her daughter Ashley, a poet working on her first book, wrote a poem for her then, and she and Ashley dedicated the poem to Teri on Saturday afternoon. Ashely took the stage, and as far as I know there wasn't a dry eye in the place when she read this poem to Teri:

Some people fight for the moment
Warriors fight for a lifetime
To rage against the temptress
To know no defeat
To have the strength to fight
When it feels that all hope is gone
with the guardian there to help you
When you might fall
Never succumb to the beast
to fight for your life
with the love of an angel to guide you
riding the chariot into battle
concurring over the temptress
coming out a champion
cause only some people fight for the moment
You, the warrior fight for a lifetime.

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