Saturday, April 26, 2008

Artists Against Aids: The Purchases

Is this my new blogging format? Series-es? Well, probably not. I just want to highlight our purchases separately, so they don't get lost in the party blog. After 3 hours of free wine, plates of brie, socializing, and free wine, here's what we brought home last night.

Clint bought me this necklace and earrings. I didn't initially know who the artist was that made this, but I went back on Sunday afternoon to find out. As luck would have it, she was volunteering at the event, and I got to meet her. Peg Purkhosrow is the artist, and although we'd not been introduced before, definitely recognized one another from frequenting the same downtown coffee shop (Yay, Kopi!).

I got to learn a little more about her as we talked; she received her MFA in Metalsmithing at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, and is working more with metals now. There's a website in the works; I'll keep checking in, and when it's up, link back to her.

It's a unique necklace, I love it! It's kind of a choker, with some windy-around things that hang down...well, here's what it looks like on:

Cute, ain't he? Oh, and the necklace is nice, too.


This 4" x 6" painting grabbed me the second it was in my sight. Hellbent on not making impromptu purchases, I walked away from it. There's so much to see and love at the show, that I fall in love with several pieces at first sight. I like to walk through and then go back to the pieces that moved me. If I don't remember them...well, then they didn't move me that much, did they?

The Race, by Alyce Cheska

But this one...I got 10 feet away, and I went back. I picked it up and carried it around, and set it back down; I still had half the show to look at. I took it up front to verify the price, and put it back again. Then I shopped with anxiety, worrying that someone else would buy MY painting.

Neurotic, huh? Most easily solved by buying it, which is just what I did.

My painting was painted by Alyce Cheska. When I paid for it, the staff informed me that Alyce is 86 years old, and that she was at the event earlier in the evening. Ohh, I missed her, I missed meeting my artist! I LOVE knowing the creators of the few arts I hang in my house!

I've since e-mailed her, and hope to find out a bit more about the artwork she does. She's already an inspiration to me, on several counts. Cross your fingers with me, and hope she responds!

One more day for you to get out there and find a piece of art that grabs YOU.


  1. Hey! Alyce used to be my next-door neighbor; we shared a driveway. It was a sad day when she and her housemate moved to Clark-Lindsey Village. We missed them. Alyce is wonderful, and I hope you meet her. I can't believe I didn't see her painting(s). I love that one you bought, really love it.

  2. Clint's got to have a little firefighter cred left since he's drinking the wine out of a plastic cup.

  3. Wow! Fantastic necklace!!
    The painting is amazing as well.
    If you ever find out more about it I hope you'll post it!


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