Monday, April 14, 2008


Well, there's another picture of my kid. It's there because this post will have some tidbits about his coming home, and because he's just so darned cute, isn't he? Man, I would have made such a great Mommy Blogger. 20 years too late. I suppose tales of every adorable thing he said when he was little would be kind of icky at this point, and he'd probably kill me. Fine. I won't get into it. Except his first word was not "Mommy," but "Grover."

I wonder which word he'll be thinking when he reads that.

Anyway, as you know, I'm still new to this Military Mom thing. The boy is coming home soon, and I just thought I'd fill you non-military families in on a few things, so you can learn along with me.

You, as a military parent, are NOT informed of arrival dates, until the very very last minute. I'm assuming it's the same for military spouses.

See, Brian has an idea when he'll be flying back to the U.S., and where he'll be flying to, and where he will officially touch U.S. soil again. I'd kind of like to be hanging around there, waving a hankie in one hand and a little flag in the other, when he steps off that plane.

He's indicated to me that that's possible. Yes. I can be there.

When?! Aren't you dying to know when?!

He told me yesterday, "well, we're not really allowed give out that information."


The Army will be calling me to let me know, he said.


First off, I'm glad to know ahead of time that I'll be receiving a phone call from the Army. I'd probably otherwise faint dead away when an unknown person on the other end announces "I'm calling from the Army about your son..." What, do these people want to give me a heart attack?

Of course, it comes down to security; you don't want to let the entire world know when and where an entire company full of soldiers might be in the air, and where they'll land, and re-board the next plane. And you never know when one of them might have a mouthy blogger for a Mom.

The dilemma then: I need to go far far away from my house on an unknown date to welcome my son home. I don't know if I get 1 week notice or 24 hours notice. I sure as heck won't be able to save any dough on booking a plane ticket in advance, so driving will be my only option, if the Army gives me enough notice.

Another thing that you may or may not know is that when your kid gets deployed, you are assigned a counselor. She gives a call, gives you her number and a crash course on being a Military Mom. Addresses, coaching on when and what you can mail, how often you can mail etc., until you start to receive communication from your loved one. You can also call her with any questions.

I've never called her. But you can bet I kept her phone number, and I will call, to see if she can give me a heads up.

I'll keep you posted on that conversation. In the meantime, any Army Parents/Spouses out there that can shed some light on what I should expect, I'd be happy to hear from you. I've already taken a few days off of work for this.

Whatever days those are.


  1. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Yes, He is cute! Always has been and his very favoite Aunt Teri is also very anxiously waiting one of our families "babies" (oh, Brian, I meant Babes.. tee hee) arrival home!!

  2. StFarmer8:46 AM

    With the cost of fuel, it'll cost more to drive to meet Brian than a flight would be!

  3. That's great news! I'm sure the waiting is difficult, but I can't wait to hear all about his return.

  4. StF: 2 airline tix, car rental, hotel room; we calculated that driving will still be cheaper in the long run, as no advance purchase of tickets.

    Joe: Oh, you'll hear about his return all right, until you want to shut me up!

  5. (((hugs)))

    This is so exciting!

    I know you (I'd be the same) ... you'll drive all night straight on through to be able to get where ever it is his plane will be landing.

    Whoot! Good days coming right around the corner!

  6. It is alway nice to have a welcome home

  7. Very Very exciting....When my ex husband came back (he was my husband at the time) I didn't have exact time of arrival either...which was nerve wracking since I wanted to give this big hoo ha surprise arrival fanfare....but alas I could not...he came the exact same day the gasoline truck drivers went on strike and I almost had no gas to pick him up...can you believe that?? 18 months away and I had no gas!!!

    He called me when all the military who ha was over, so I wouldn't have to wait too much and just arrive to pick him was a surreal experience, pure Chaos trying to get gas...but we did it...and he's home safe.

    The first few days he just really wanted to rest and get back on track (with the whole time thing and all), I let him do all the talking, get stuff out of his chest, and then it was family time.

    Those 18 months were the longest of our lives.

  8. Anonymous4:12 PM

    We also are awaiting a phone for g-sons return. Another drive to Ga. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Maybe we will see ya on the road.


  9. Anonymous4:14 PM

    forgot to put "call". I'm sure you knew what I meant.

  10. I'm so happy and excited for you. I think I'd be dying from anticipation if I were in your shoes.

  11. I am pleasaed to announce that you have received an award.

  12. Hello,

    Well I know exactly what you mean. I am also a first time military mom, I have 2 boys in the Guard but my first deployment. They too assigned us a counselor and an FRG coordinator, but alas they don't tell them much either. My son did a surprise homestay visit at the end of February and he said he would be back in his training area on May 22nd and then would have to do all the military post-deployment junk and then home a few weeks after. But yesterday I got a newsletter in the mail with a flyer that said Get ready and start making your welcome home banners for April 22nd. But it doesn't say nothings. In the newsletter it said it was a welcoming home ceremony. So is he coming home? I don't know either and my FRG coordinator changed and I have never heard from the new one at all. So we can both be in the dark together.

    Saying prayers for both of us, to stay sane while we wait. I am fortunate they are sending him home early. He arrived in Kuwait on June 17th, so he will have been there less than a year. Yeah!!!!!!!

  13. You've been tagged. See my blog for details.

  14. This is so exciting!
    (and of course he's adorable)

    My son still hasn't really all that officially said ma or mum yet.
    But! He did say "caca" and then laughed hysterically.
    I'm just so darn proud.

    I cannot wait to hear about his homecoming!!

    P.S (I made my blog private due to some controversies *eye roll* but if you'd like to read it let me know! I should have a new one up soon, tomorrow or the day after, though.
    hopefully... lol)

  15. JL's mommy: I DO want to tune in to your blog; email me with a link!

  16. I am so darn behind on my reading - but love reading about Brian COMING HOME! If he lands near here - you have to let me know! :)


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