Friday, April 25, 2008

Teri Pittman Benefit: The Food

Martin Fuentes & Family, owners of The El Toro and El Torero restaurants in and around town supplied all of the food for the event. After dining in his restaurants for 10 years or more, we've established a friendship with the Fuentes family...and there are a LOT of those Fuentes's! Our family eats there every Sunday afternoon.

Teri's friend Angie thought to approach Martin first: Could he, perhaps, give us chips and salsa at a discounted rate, for the event?

Chips and salsa?! No way!

No way just chips and salsa! Martin had his staff up bright and early on Sunday, and he supplied a Mexican fiesta to beat the band. Chip, salsa, taco shells, beef, chicken, beans, rice, lettuce, and cheese for 400 people was ready for us by 12:00 sharp.

And discount? Discount, yes. 100% discount. The food was totally free.

Mucho cheeps!

We didn't run out of food, but we had strict orders to keep his kitchen informed: say the word, and the next round for 200 more would be on its way.


  1. Wow. What a blessing. I'm glad that the benefit was a success. Hugs.

  2. How sweeeeet of them!

  3. Viva la raza!


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