Monday, April 07, 2008

Blogger Down: Batlight

I've put out the Blogger Batlight twice, before, I think.

One of my favorite reads, Real Live Lesbian, from Nashville, is experiencing tragedy and heartache right now; a friend lost in an airplane accident.

If you've experienced tragedy, you'll know what a kind word will mean. Give her some love, if you've got it.

If you've never experienced tragedy, Give her some love still; you'll understand when you're on deck.


  1. is this your "real" blog? ;) You got lots of 'em!

    I'll go visit sad.

  2. So sad. Off I go. Lots of bloggers in need right now. Maybe it just seems that way because blogging has opened up so much of the world to me and introduced me to so many wonderful people.

  3. Thanks so much for your thoughfulnes and for sending big ol' internet hugs from other when I need them.

    You really do rock!

  4. *sigh*

    What a crappy way to discover a really great blog.

  5. I'll visit lesbian too. I lost my boyfriend to cancer a couple of years ago and still struggle, although being quite a positive person. I also lost my brother in a car crash...grief never dies, you just learn to make the most of the life you and your family and friends have at this moment.


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