Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Wait with Me...

See that? See those trunks? Those black trunks right there? They were delivered to me at my workplace this morning. Yoram called me up front, and we were both kind of stupid and giggly at the sight of them.

They have, you know, my son's handwriting on them...

These trunks hold all of Brian's worldly belongings. The luxury items that he took to Iraq with him, and those he acquired when he was there: His laptop. Books. Magazines. CDs.

They are here now...

...because he is coming home!

::dance, dance:: That's right, Brian and company will be back in the U.S. in one month. His first tour is almost over. I can't wipe a stupid smile off of my face when I write that.

I've known these dates for some time now, but am just now beginning to mention them. Along with crazy glee, the fast-approaching date also, for some reason, fills me with apprehension. There's a weird "don't jinx it!" mindset at play here that both makes my heart race and embarrasses me at the same time. If I tell you, too soon...well...there's still a month left.

Here, after all, are photos that Brian sent me 2 weeks ago. This was the truck behind his, on a recent mission:

It took about a millisecond for this mother's mind to process: If that truck was behind you, then you yourself must have just rolled right over that bomb, or missed it by a...

No one was hurt.

And my boys are coming home. Brian, and his gunner, Stephen Moore, will be stateside in May, and in my home in June. Look at 'em. My little boys; aren't they just precious?

I like to believe those guns are made out of Legos.

I've decided to stop fretting, and get over superstition and jinxing, and to let you join me: Wait with me, won't you? Make your paper chains, shave your legs, start dusting and stocking the refrigerator.

Brian writes, on his Myspace page, that he is
"ready to get back to the states, drink rum, laugh, and dance myself back to normality with friends and family."
Get out your dance card, kids; when he gets here, you're all invited over.

I'll provide the music and a beverage.

And of course...

...the spaghetti.


  1. OMG!!!!! This is going to be the longest month of waiting EVER! I can't wait for you to post the first photo when he gets home.

  2. I know, I know I know! Don't forget that I have to actually wait TWO months to see him, aurghhhhhhhhh. I'm hoping for an alternative suprise there....

    Oh, the photos, the crying, and hugging and gnashing of teeth.

    I'm sure he can hardly wait. ;-)

  3. I am so happy for you!!!

    And isn't there a young lady in town that might also be eagerly awaiting his arrival? I seem to remember you mentioning her some time ago.

    I am so happy for Brian!!!

  4. Fingers crossed for all going well between now and May - at least then you will be able to sleep easy until he actually makes it home.

  5. Anonymous1:55 AM

    Wooo! What fantastic news to start the day! They say that anticipation is half the fun so just imagine what it will be like when he arrives! I'd tell you stay cool if I thought it would have any effect whatsoever. Screw it: go crazy!!

  6. StFarmer7:57 AM

    That is awesome but I'm not gonna shave my legs!

  7. Great, maybe I can make desserts again!

  8. Best News Ever!

    I am so happy and excited for you ... I can only imagine!

    ** neon grin **

  9. Happy Dance!!!!

  10. I'm soooo re-cited for you both! I wanted to cry seeing those trunks...

  11. That is great news. I am so happy for both of you. As a retired service man, I would just like to say thank you to your son and your family for all their sacrafices. Thank you.

    USN Retired. :)

  12. This post of yours gave me goosebumps. You are a wonderful mama. I'm so happy for you that your boy is coming home.
    I love the sight of those trunks.

  13. WHoo-Hoo!

    They're coming home! They're coming home! They're coming home!

    Pobble Hop Pobble Hop Pobble Hop!

    I'll shave my legs but somehow, I don't think either of these guys will care much. ;)

  14. Lori! How exciting! I got goosebumps reading this!!!! YAY! Brian is coming home....start stocking the pantry girl!

  15. Hello,

    I have been reading your blog forever and have always meant to post a comment, but too lazy. But I just have to, because I too am a soldier mom and I too have one of those boxes that arrived in the mail also. My son lands in the states in May and home to California in June. So I know exactly how you feel. I haven't wanted to jinx it either but forget it we both need to celebrate.


  16. Marinemom6:42 PM

    Lori, how wonderful. I can't wait to hug him. Won't you be able to go meet his unit when they get stateside? Road trip!!! Good news. My big Marine will be back this summer. Probably not home though until fall. But when he gets here you can hug him too!

  17. Wil: Yay, yay, huh? I'm not sure about the young lady in waiting; I'll snoop around and check out certain statuses. Stati?

    DBA: Exactly; I'll sleep better once he's in Germany, I think. Anywhere out of a war zone.

    Sveny: Go crazy? Ok, I will! I will!

    Cassie: Thanks

    StFarmer: C'mon...shave your legs, FOR YOUR COUNTRY!

    Wayward: Cookies were a big hit at the Thanksgiving event, I remember.

    Nancy: Yeah, yeah, the best!

    Mk: I've got happy feet!

    Momo: I know; those trunks took my breath away too.

  18. Greg: Nice to meet you. And thank YOU, sir, for your service.

    Farmgirl: Yayyy, I have goosebumps too.

    Pobs: Whoop! You HOP, girl!

    Liz: You know I'm stocking that pantry, and the mini fridge!

    Becky: Thanks for delurking! I'm so happy for you and your trunk also! Drop me a line sometime!

    MarineMom: Aren't we excited! So glad Billy gets to come home this summer too. We're pimpin our kids out for hugs!

  19. I'm so happy for you!

  20. I couldn't be happier for you! Hurry Brian!

  21. Woooooooooo Hooooooooooo! So happy for you both.

  22. As I said before, tell him to keep his head and ass down- and come home safely...

  23. Awesome Awesome Awesome....you know what helps me make the time fly...I make a chain of colored construction paper rings...and each morning i remove one...I used to do this whenever I had to wait a long period of time...

  24. Congratulations!!! That's so excited!
    I can't wait to here about his homecoming!

  25. I think that sentence was a combination of I'm so excited for you and that's so exciting..
    I was just to excited to use the right word. lol

  26. um.. and hear*

    It's been a long day.. lol

  27. Yippee!!! Yippee!!! Yippee!!!

    I hope the time passes QUICKLY...!!!


  28. wow, i love reading this blog. i've sent those footlockers home. i'll be sending them home again in a couple months... such a small thing from my side, never looked at it from the other... the persepctive is great. i don't know if it makes the job easier or harder...


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