Sunday, April 29, 2007

Opening Night

The Artists Against Aids benefit opened Friday night. It looked like a huge success from here; lots of people, good food and free-flowing wine and champagne, and, best of all: Lots and lots of art. A plethora of paintings, photos, sculptures, jewelry, and textiles.

Dan Wild was there, doing caricatures, for a mere $10. He has both a website and a blog, and you have to check them out. If you're into art and graphics, I promise you'll be wow'ed!

Kaye and Kristy were there. I gushed about Dan, and talked them into getting their caricatures done also. Click to enlarge the photo if you want a better look at the finished work.

I took this photo all by myself, can you tell? I was worried about cutting Mike's head off. Mission accomplished.

Raad and Atef both had paintings in the show. If you look at the 2nd picture posted above, Raad's painting of Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett is just below the big light on the upper left.

We ended up the Esquire for pizza—and, unfortunately for me, more wine—after the show. Ran into old friends Steve and Greg there. Their wives let them out for one night, and they end up on some blog somewhere. Tsk.

Some more of my best buds, Tina and Mark and Marcy:

It was a fun evening. I drank entirely too much wine, but it's now Sunday morning and I am completely recovered. Almost. I returned to the show Saturday, for a better look at all the art without the huge crowd. It was busier on the 2nd day than I'd ever seen it. I can hardly wait to hear the final numbers, how much money was raised for this good cause. The show is open today and tomorrow, from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

I leave you now with a little video of Kristy dancing at the show. The evening was just this fun:


  1. Steve's on the blog! Ha.

  2. SDF: I ran around looking for you so we could get a picture together too. You were lost in an ocean of peoples.

  3. Damn, I missed the HEY blog!! Oh well, HEY^5.

    It looks like it was a great evening ;)

  4. That looks like a whole bunch of fun. Makes me wish I was back in CU.

  5. I saw one of your photographs at AAA - good work!

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun on opening night. Glad you were able to unwind and relax a little. :-)

    Oh, and Dan Wild... seems to be quite a talented guy.

  6. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Our big night out for the year! As usual it was great fun...especially getting to visit with you and Marcy and Mike. We missed Di's presence this year. Thanks for telling us about Dan. He's delightful and a stunning artist. Thanks also for the video of my girlfriend.

  7. Sure....Mike has his head...but what about Marcy's chin and smile????!!! Is that a way to treat an expecting mother?????

  8. Anonymous10:41 AM

    re: Mary Poppins comment:
    Yeah, and where's Matilda???

  9. It WAS a fun night. So nice seeing everyone...Kaye looked fantastic and Kristy's dancing was great! And meeting new people too - it was nice meeting Steve and Greg...

    RE: photo - the most photogenic people made it in, anyway! :0)

    Little Matilda was down there...somewhere. ;0)

  10. As always a fabulous post. I love living vicariously through you. You have such a cool life! I miss you kid. Write me some email. Make me feel loved? You, meanwhile are ADORED! Talk soon!

  11. Looks like an awesome night.

  12. Anonymous2:42 AM

    I'm curious if there is also an organization such as Artists For AIDS? Wouldn't such a group serve the great and noble cause of diversity?


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