Tuesday, April 10, 2007

God Bless America and Playboy TV

Brian's First Care Package

I got to talk to Brian Monday, for 1 minute, 53 seconds. It was his last phone call for quite some time. He had to hang up and run for a helicopter that would take him to Butler Range, where he will not have internet or telephone access. Indefinitely.

It's snail-mail now. Pictured above are a few of the things I threw in his first box. There is also cookies, candies, chapstick...anything I could think of, and as much as I could cram into the Flat Rate box.

And ask me what's in that FedEx envelope.

[Lori, what's in the FedEx envelope?]

Thank you for asking. It's a gift, from another blogger! Isn't that sweet?

It turns out that Fightin' Mad Mary, a Hollywood blogger in the reality TV biz, has a few contacts at Playboy TV. Together, they arranged a *very* nice surprise for Brian. The very patriotic stars of Night Calls, Jesse Jane and Kirstin Price, made up a little sign, and posed for this photo for Brian:

Playboy Models Support the Troops!

Mosaic enhancement is mine; sorry folks.

Imagine the e-mail I sent to Brian that accompanied these attachments:
Dear Brian

Attached please find photos of sexy topless stars from Playboy TV.

Love, Mom
At any rate, I'm pretty sure I'll get a medal from the U.S. Army declaring me Mother of the Year. I kid you not, I got this e-mail from Brian last week:
Dear Mom

My address has changed. Please make sure the Playboy people get it.

Love, Brian
Nothing about making sure Grandma gets that address, did you notice that? Nothing about making sure his friends or family, or YOU get it. Just the Playboy people. Just Jesse and Kirstin and Fightin Mad Mary. MmHmm. We see how it is.

Well, there's more, from Fightin Mad Mary. Here she is, popping some signed glossies, from Jesse and Kirstin, in the mail.

Here's proof that they arrived safe and sound:

And the photo is now on it's way to Iraq.

Seriously, I can't thank you, Fightin' Mad Mary, and Jesse, and Kirstin, and the all of the others for making this Mama's first care package such a fun one. These are somewhat nervewracking times, new to us, and this particular donation has put a smile on all of our faces.

You have also, I am sure, boosted the morale of at least 1 U.S. Soldierbaby, and, in all probability, several of his friends.

God bless you, you little sweeties!


*****Revised 4/13*****

Mary has asked me to post a few pix of Brian so that her friends at Playboy TV can get a glimpse of this mysterious Private Jolley. I'm only too happy to oblige, here he is:

And when you meet him in person, here's what you'll get:

Thanks again, everyone!

(Man, I am scoring Mom-points all over the place, encouraging beautiful Playboy models to meet and hug my son. I am *so* going to make him mow the yard or something for this, when he comes home!)


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your son.

  2. Mary is so sweet!

    So the address you previously posted is NOT correct?

  3. The second address I posted is correct; email me at ljstewart@gmail.com if you want the address. :-0

  4. What a Mom! I have to smile at the thought of what my mother would have done had she been presented with the requests to forward the Playboy materials. She might have even learned to cuss, although it is more likely she would have dropped to her knees, never to rise again.

  5. Way to go Fightin' Mad Mary! What a great blogger pal you are.

    Good thoughts headed Brian's way - can't have too many.

  6. Yeah, you are quite the mom, making sure he has all that!

  7. What a great mom!!!

  8. You are definitely getting some kind of merit badge for Mom of the Year!!

  9. Joe: thanks! We'll take all we can get!

    Amishlaw: My mom would have done that too, at one point, but she's been hanging around me and my sister long enough now, she's just tossed up her hands.

    Everyone else: Thanks! I don't imagine I'll be sending my kid anymore "skin" photos during his tour...but you just never know.

  10. I remember those days out at sea in the Navy. A picture of just a female would've been good. I really got tired of looking at men! :)You're a good mom! God bless your son and the rest of the troops. Peace~

  11. StFarmer12:05 PM

    In the future, please be sure that I am cc'd on all correspondence to Brian!

  12. Should I do beef or chicken ramon!!! Thanks so much for your response...wow I haven't been over here in a long while...I should be ashamed of myeslf and I am ashamed.

    I'll be back!

  13. So great! Mary rocks - that was amazing - Brian will be the envy of all :)

  14. Wow, that is an amazing idea. You are a super cool mom!

    "I'm pretty sure I'll get a medal from the U.S. Army declaring me Mother of the Year"
    You should!

    I wish my mom was so cool about topless photos when she caught me with some when I was 13.

  15. Stephen: Thanks!

    StFarmer: You wish!

    BEM: Give 'em lime chili shrimp!

    Wendy: Mary DOES rock. Let's go see her!

    Twisted: Ohhh, I wasn't that cool when Brian was 13; I did a lot of squawking when I found porn-cookies on my computer, let me tell you!

    Good times.

  16. You are mom of the year!!

    I had so much fun doing this for you and your son. I sent a link to your blog to the folks I know at Playboy but could you add a photo of your son on this post. He's so cute and I'd love for them to see who the photos were for.

    and yeah, if you and Wendy BOTH make it out here, oh my goodness we will have the best ladies night out ever!

  17. Mary: Done! I should have thought of it earlier! Thanks, doll!

  18. Anonymous5:03 PM

    What a cool Mom you are!
    Bet he's still smilin' !!


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