Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mini-Vacation Wrap Up

5 fun days, wrap it up, wrap it up, back to work! Keep those doggies rollin!

I picked Ilaiy up from O'Hare on Thursday, and we set out to the Indian community on Devon street for a light lunch and shopping. A light lunch to Ilaiy is 2 appetizers, a ton of rice, and 2 fish entrees. I was stuffed, while he thought it a lovely snack, and complained of still being hungry. Afterward, we shopped in my favorite gorgeous grocery store, the World Fruit Market.

Thursday night was Greektown, and Greek Islands. I was still full from lunch, so had only a grilled octopus appetizer. They still had heads. I cut them off and hid them under the parsley. Gross. Yummy.

Friday was Chinatown. More shopping, and I FINALLY got to eat at Joy Yee's, a popular noodle place that's always closed by the time I arrive. Thick fruity drinks with giant tapioca are a specialty there.

We happened into a grocer that had a back room lined with aquariums filled with fish, shrimp, and frogs. I really don't know what to do with live food, but I imagine it's better than what I usually pick up at my own grocery, all dead and stuff.

Saturday was Melissa and Joey's wedding, held in the greenhouse of Silvercreek restaurant. The setting was gorgeous, the food amazing, and the! Everyone had a blast. I'd been practicing my toast for 2 weeks, and I could never get through it without crying-even in the car! When the time came, though, I looked the happy couple right in the eyes, and I didn't cry.

I might have cried. I honestly don't remember; I was so nervous that I don't remember a thing I said. I just remember being surprised that I really addressed the Mr. & Mrs, when I'd sworn I would not look at them, for fear of not being able to make it through the toast without blubbering. They were the only familiar faces in front of me though, and I was too nervous to look at anyone else!

Sunday, I have no photos of, but it was still fun, dinner for 10. Two of the new guests were our tattoo artist and his wife; it was their first Indian food. They found it relatively spicy, even though I made Ilaiy cut the Thai chili's back from 20 to 4. (True.)

Monday afternoon Ilaiy screwed up the courage (kind of) to get his ear pierced (see video below), and the evening was spent with Marcy and Mike, watching Ilaiy getting his latest tattoo. It was a large tat over his shoulder and arm, and rather painful on his shoulder bone and under his arm. I think we all had headaches when it was over. But Ilaiy forgot about his ear, so that was good.

Tuesday it was back to Chicago. Ilaiy had to have Heaven on Seven (Cajun food) before he flew out. We spent 4 hours roaming the streets before it was time to drop him at the airport.

It was a good break from the daily chaos: friends, food, rejoicing, laughter, dancing, drinking. I needed this, and am thankful that my mini-vacation couldn't have gone any smoother!

Oh. And I never want to eat again as long as I live.

As I said, Ilaiy "kind of" screwed up the courage. Yes. The lady that pierced his ear DID give him a sucker beforehand, to calm him down.


  1. Looks like it was a fun weekend! I love weddings, but I'd miss every one of them if I had a fruit market like that near me! That is something else!!

  2. Sveny, we walked out of there with 6 bags of produce, spices, rice, sweets, and beverages, for grand total of $28.00.

    Almost worth the 2-hour drive just for the savings!

  3. I did my undergrad at Loyola, so I spent a lot of time exploring Devon, eating at Joy Yee (oh, just thinking about it makes my mouth water), and shopping at the Vietnamese stores off Argyle.

    Where's this fruit market at? Inquiring minds want to know! For those prices, I bet I could talk my mom into going up and grabbing me some stuff, even with the Dan Ryan and the Red Line of the "L" all screwed up.

  4. World Fruit Market
    2434 W. Devon Avenue, chicago

    It's a goooooorgeous store.

    I bought a can of basil seed juice. Will blog the taste-test!

  5. I can understand why you never wanna eat again!!! I lost count of all the food pictures I saw...

    BTW, you guys looked beautiful in the ladies pic...No Mrs. Brady anywhere in sight!


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