Thursday, April 26, 2007

Home Again

Thanks to all you that so kindly said hey; it really DID make me smile. I'm glad I asked! (I'm still taking "hey's," so feel free to chime in even though I'm home.

I drove to Muskegon, Michigan today, for a funeral. I referred in an earlier post of my friend Diane's mother being ill. She passed away Monday evening, surrounded by her family. She was an amazing lady, and will be missed by many. Go ahead and send a virtual hug to Diane at, if you know her. And if you don't know her, but are feeling extra nice today, you, too can send her an e-card or something. She'll be home this weekend, and cheered to hear from you.

I know, cuz I was.


And for you local yokels that want to do a nice thing and acquire some beautiful art, don't forget to come out to the Artists Against Aids show this weekend. It's being held at the Orpheum Children's Museum this year.

I'll remind you that last year, I bought this beautiful handblown glass fish, and was accused of having purchased a bong:

It is NOT a bong!!!

Anyway, I was in Monday night at the time contributions closed, and the amount of art I saw in there was staggering. I'm looking forward to finding out just how they manage to put all that art into the arena that used to be a former theater. Those GCAP volunteers surely had their hands full this week as they set this show up.

Opening night is Friday, 6 to 10. Free food and wine and champagne, there's a reason to show up right there.

I warn you though, drink too much of that free wine, and you might find yourself spending...every bit as much as you want to spend!

Not that I'd know anything about that. Just don't ask me how much I spent on that bong fish.


  1. StFarmer7:49 AM

    I missed the chance to say, "hey", in the previous post so I'm doing it here instead.

    Hey, welcome home.

  2. Being a Pisces, I love the fish!

  3. But can you make it into a bong?

  4. Dammit! Prarie biker stole my line!
    I'm with Nancy. All hail the fish!
    And once again....Hey.

  5. Don't forget to bring the **fish** when you come to visit!


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