Thursday, April 19, 2007


It's been a crazy week, one of those in which the hits just keep on comin'. When life gets all chaotic on you, it's good to put your energy into something positive, to help you keep your head above water. If you can't do that, go ahead and stare at the wall and contemplate something completely inconsequential for half a day, I say.

(I didn't get the Piquante kind)

That said, I walked by a bottle of Clamato last night in the grocery store. Clamato sounded good to me. It sounded delicious. I had to have it. I craved it. I'd never tasted the stuff before in my life.

Clamato is, if you didn't know, a juice that combines both clams and atos. For the record, I did find it delicious, though not very clammy. In fact, I could taste absolutely no clam flavor.

On a whim, I checked the ingredients.

1. Water. 2. Condensed tomato juice. 3. High fructose corn syrup

!!! Sugar is the #3 ingredient in Clamato?! In fact, "clam" isn't mentioned until the end, and it's listed as "dried clam broth." Mmmm, clam powder.

I'm sure you're riveted, so I have to share with you that is one jazzy website. Those Clamato people are obviously hellbent on giving their drink a fun party image: there is a link called "celebrate." There are photos of beautiful people having fun, and it says "Celebrate... at your holiday parties/ with your friends/on vacation..." Hm. I have a big fat idea of just how many guest will show up to my next Clamato party.

There is also a recipe link. A drink called a "Tijuana Taxi" calls for Clamato, beer, and vodka.

I don't juana.

Another for a "Clamato Spritzer" consists of Clamato and Squirt. Squirt?!! Isn't that grapefruit flavored soda?! Grapefruit, clams and tomatoes?! Let's just tip over a dumpster and drink the dregs.

Look what else I found:

Clamato Potato Chips. Ok, they're corn chips, I just wanted to say "clamato potato." Clamato potato, clamato potato. Anybody ever seen these? I juana try them.

The Clamato website states

The brand is well poised for future growth behind aggressive advertising and promotion investment

I'm happy to help their cause by making fun of their beverage for no apparent reason. I actually love the stuff; it's tasty, filling, and a relatively low-cal snack.

And no frog eyes, it's got that going for it.

This concludes my clam rambling. Clambling Rambling.

I think I need some sleep.


  1. Clamato. I say to-may-toe but for some reason say Cla-mah-toe. I've never tried it myself, but because it seems unusually popular in Tucson I did a little Internet research to discover that it's sales have increased substantially over the past three years because of an aggressive marketing campaign aimed at Hispanics. Tucson's population is roughly 43% Hispanic.

    So there you go.

  2. I only drink tomato juice when I have a hangover.
    I think the clam thing is a rip off,

  3. You seem to be strangelyobsessed with bizarre drinks these days. Fructose and dried clam powder? That's as strange as the jelly covered seed drink

  4. O-Kaaaaaaay! Back AWAZY from the computer and don't return until you've had some sleep. I agree with Jazz. What's this strange obsession with weird drinks lately? Disgustingly weird ones at that! What next? Crab juice?
    BTW thanks for the image of drinking dumpster dregs. I got a really vile taste/smell feeling from that. Really. The retch inducing kind. Yuck!
    That is all...
    Hope you're well baby! Have a great weekend!

  5. You need sleep, ASAP....I'm afraid to pop in here and see what is next on your tasting spree!

  6. Shy_smiley: Now I'm singing, "you say clamayto, I say clamahto..." Interesting about the hispanic targeting; it seems to be more of a canadian beverage, based on the website.

    Lyn: Diet coke for me, on those rare hangover mornings. And sausage. Grease 'n bubbles.

    Jazz: I swear it's a coincidence! These things just find me.

    Andy: Working on that sleep thing. Glad to "touch" you with my prose!

    MaryP: We shall see what jumps into my basket next!

  7. Cute post! I liked the Clambling Rambling.

    And I'm not surprised you like the drink - you like bloody marys and stuff...I wanna try some Clamato!!!

    How's about making a clam-ba-lam-tini?!?! :0)

  8. Clamato!? Seriously, who drinks clams!? Lady, you have to sort yourself out: this weird drinks thing is beginning to freak me out!

    Did have to laugh at the dumpster image, although I'm a little worried that if someone did tip one over, strain, bottle and market the dregs you'd be one of the first to buy it...

  9. Ha...looks as if they have you hooked and are reeling you in girl.....

    Be careful!! :)

  10. I would come to your Clamato party in a minute! In fact, I have my own Clamato parties everytime I make a Clamato Bloody Mary. Yum!

  11. You're too funny...

  12. Your description is hilarious. But up here in Canada we have had Clamato for many years. We drink it mostly in a "Ceasar" format. Which is a "bloddy mary" but change up the tomato juice for Clamato. It is much lighter than tomato and surprisingly refreshing. Hope you can take time to throw a party and enjoy ;)

  13. It sounds like something someone would drink on a bet.

    I'll do it for a dollar. :)

  14. I've always wondered about Clamato! I feel that I've been challenged. Next trip to the grocery store, I'm buying Clamato, no matter how many people look at me like I'm crazy. Just for kicks I'll also buy about 40 cans of sardines.

  15. Hi G

    Sounds more like a vitamin deficiency craving than lack of sleep to me. You might want to look into that, after all what else would make one want to drink dried clam powder. If you have a craving to go dumpster diving, it's time to pull back hard on the stick...

  16. "dried clam"

    Is that some kind of euphemism?

    As lori said above, Clamato, with the other traditional ingredients, makes a really good bloody mary. In fact, if you go up to that little bar up there in Ludlow or Loda (I don't remember which, they both are more well known for low-lives that sleep with their under-age cousins than anything else, although one of them was the setting for the cult classic "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes") they make their bloody marys with Clamato. However, I think they use more vodka than mix.

  17. cosmis6:31 PM

    Regretts for Clamato. It contains M.S.G., (monosodiuum glutamate)M.S.G. is a flavour, taste, enhancer used in many restaurants, foods and sauces, that is why Clamato taste's "so good". A person can develop a reaction to M.S.G. that can range from low-grade hyperness to 72-hour, severe, facial welts, inflamed eyes, distorted features. It is not funny to the person, or family, that M.S.G. may have an adverse effect on.., beware M.S.G.

  18. Anonymous2:59 PM

    it's good, don't knock it till you've tried it in some other recipes. I make a mexican style shrimp cocktail w/ it and it is out of this world. the bloody caesar is also really good. and this is from a white boy from virginia.

  19. Yum, those do sound good, Virginia white boy. I forgot I'd written this post--now I have a hankerin' for some Clamato. Mmmmm

  20. Hey there!!

    Clamato is just the best remedy for the hangovers and also a good pre-party drink or to just chill with the friends, you should try it.

    Here´s my blog where I teach you how to make the mexican "Michelada" so you can try it, its veeeery good!!

    right now the video is in spanish but can see the ingredients and see how to prepare it.

    Cheers for the weekend!!!


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