Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Beanie Central I

Got another phone call from Brian tonight (yay!). Beanies are beginning to roll in, and the guys there couldn't be happier about it. The soldier list continues to grow.

He was recently interviewed by one of the military papers, also, but couldn't remember the name of the paper, doh! He's going to get back to us on that.

Here's one corner of my garage, right now:

My car has more packed in it, and Jeff and Michelle have more at their house than I have at mine. I continue to make pick-up trips every day after work, and have met a lot of nice people.

I packed some boxes tonight, tossing in, of course, an invitation to each one of them to come over for spaghetti.

We're still going strong. I'm trying to update the TFT blog, over there on the right, with some stories of a few we've met, in person, and online. Hope you'll tune in!

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  1. Your garage looks like my office. I have so much stuff stacked up for care packages. It's messy but I love it!


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